A New book and Guide to 6 Fun Hen Party Ideas

Are you planning a hen’s party? Are you unsure of what you should do? If you are looking for some interesting hens party ideas, look no further than the following 6 fun ideas what should make for a memorable evening. 

Head to a show for an evening of music, fun and entertainment

 Enjoying a show with a group of friends can be a great way to spend a hens party! You should consider looking for a show that features music, dancing, adult entertainment and more. If you have enough people in your group, you may even be able to enjoy discounted tickets by visiting barenights.

Rent a party bus for a fun private party on-the-go

 If you want to party during your hens night but you would prefer partying in a more private location, consider renting a party bus which will create a private party on the go. A party bus is a fun and exciting way to enjoy music, dancing and drinks together. Best of all, a party bus can be used to take you from place to place if you plan on visiting more than one destination during your hens party. 

Have a movie night with all the trimmings

 If your hens party guests consist of people who love the movies, consider having a fancy movie night with all of the trimmings. This is the time when you should go all out for a movie night–no half-hearted microwave popcorn and an old DVD here! 

For a hens party movie night, go all out by trying these ideas: purchase movie theater popcorn and concessions from an actual theater; create a menu of movie-inspired cocktails; watch a movie known for being ridiculous, such as a so-bad-it’s-good horror film or hilarious comedy; and so on.

Book a luxury spa night or weekend

 A luxury spa night or weekend can be the perfect way to relax, feel beautiful and enjoy luxurious comforts in a group setting.  You can get everything from massages to facials and everything in between. This is a great hens party idea for smaller groups or groups who would love to spend the weekend getting all the tension massaged out of their shoulders.

Plan a murder mystery night

 If your hens party group consists of people who love to be theatrical or who can’t get enough true crime shows, then you should consider hosting a hens party murder mystery night. A murder mystery night can include food, drinks–and of course, the murder mystery! You can host the evening yourself by purchasing a murder mystery party kit or consider looking for a murder mystery theater where you can watch professional actors.

Book a karaoke room

Karaoke can seem silly but it’s a great group activity, especially if the people in your hens party group love to sing, dance and generally be silly. Karaoke rooms are a fun way to enjoy the night singing, dancing–and in most locations, drinking as well. You may want to enjoy a few drinks before singing so that everyone loosens up. You can even hire a male stripper from Sydney male strippers to come and do a show while you are there.

If you are planning a hens party night, don’t forget to consider the above idea’s

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