Looking for a Xero BookKeeping company?

We can help, our bookkeepers are experts at Xero and can even customise your xero accounting software.

Why would I need to customise my xero accounting system? 
In some cases products purchased “off the shelf” will not have all the features your company requires or maybe the standard system does not perform in exactly the way you would expect. Another important reason is that by customising your system you may substantially improve productivity and cut costs. Integrating with other systems is an example of a customisation that would fall into this category.

It is important that you select an accounting system that is able to be customised. Xero (Zero) are such systems.

What types of customisation are there?

Optional fields
Customised reports and forms
Add-on modules
Customised screens
Interface with other systems such as point of sale, production, banking, billing/customer systems
Processing changes or modifications

The 3 primary aspects of performing any customisation:

Specifying the customisation and determining what resources and time is required
Performing the customisation
Testing, gaining user acceptance and going live

In the case where the firm performing the customisation is also contracted to define the specifications, it may be possible to obtain a fixed price quote. Otherwise charges will be based on the amount of time spent performing the customisation. Industry rates are in the $100-120 per hour for shorter term engagements but can be as low as $80 per hour for longer projects..

How do I select a firm to perform the customisation on Xero?

Search the web and examine software journals to select a list of firms. Short list the firms based on experience and knowledge of you particular customisation. It is important that the firm has worked with your accounting system. The right firm will be one that is able to develop a good understanding of your business, is able to synthesise large amounts of information and liaise closely with your companies staff – both users and the IT department.

Click here to visit Xero Software, a company that has had significant experience modifying and customising the Sage Accpac accounting system. Check out the website for reference sites and software products that have been developed.