Accounting software for small business.

Unless you are a certified professional in bookkeeping or accounting, you may not know all the basic accounting principles, tax laws and updates which govern record keeping and lodging obligations.

The duty to maintain good records starts at the time money flows in and out of a business. Small businesses may be tempted to forego Professional Bookkeeping in Australia until operations generate a considerable volume of transactions. This exposes a taxpayer to potentially costly mistakes in reporting revenues, deductions, and calculating tax obligations. Some of the common tax mistakes businesses make include:

Businesses are required to lodge their PAYG or BAS statement on specific dates. Owners who do their own bookkeeping often incur penalties for failing to lodge their statements on time. Qualified bookkeepers take care of updating business records and ensure that the appropriate forms are lodged on time.

Australian superannuation laws provide the bases for calculating the correct amount of super contributions. 

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get it right, to avoid ato fines.

Lack of understand of superannuation laws often leads to the payment of incorrect super contributions and corresponding penalties for non compliance. Professional Bookkeeping in Australia eliminates this common mistake.

Business expenses may be deducted partially or in full, depending on their tax treatment. Incorrect deductions may be disallowed and assessed penalties and interest on the resulting shortfall in taxes.

Tax laws, rules and regulations change occasionally and it is the taxpayer’s duty to comply with new requirements. Lack of knowledge is not an excuse for non compliance. Registered bookkeepers are required to stay updated on the latest tax news and rules. They help clients comply with new laws by incorporating changes in recording systems and statements.

What is booking Software?

Bookkeeping software may eliminate most of the errors in recording transactions only when the business owner has a clear grasp of accounting principles and tax laws. A registered BAS agent knows how to use accounting software and what transactions must be recorded in it. Proper recording reduces errors in end-of-year accounting and preparation of annual tax returns. 

Professional bookkeeping in Australia like Momentum Bookkeeping services can keep accounting records manually or electronically for you, minimising errors in activity statements and ensuring that these are lodged on time.

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Yes! You can use our Outsourced Bookkeeping Services if you are a Business / CA / Accountancy Firm anywhere in Australia looking for a full-time or part-time online bookkeeper / accountant.

We are Based in Sydney.

But work for Australian Business & CA firms nationwide, providing accounting & bookkeeping services in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland & Western Australia. Our bookkeepers work for firms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra among others.

End of Year Preparation
We can assist in finalising your end of year financial reporting and creating all relevant reports to be supplied to your accountant or auditor.
Software Support
We supply on site, on line and telephone support for the QuickBooks software.
Software Sales
We have the expertise in the benefits of the different versions of QuickBooks and can advise which version best suits you and your business. We are also able to supply the software to you as an accredited seller of QuickBooks.
Pit Lane Bookkeeping have the expertise in the setup of the payroll function within QuickBooks and how it integrates with the rest of your daily business transactions

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    Bookkeepers Melbourne
    This includes data entry, accounting assistance, reconciliations and system health checks.
    Software Setup
    The key to ensure that account software works for you is to ensure that the system is setup correctly from the very beginning. We provide the expertise to setup your software for the easiest daily input for the correct outcomes for your needs.
    BAS Preparation and Lodgement
    We provide the configuration of your BAS statement and also the review to ensure your information has been correctly classified prior to lodgement. We can also lodge your BAS statement on line to ensure your BAS is lodged in time.


    We specialises in MYOB, XERO & QUICKBOOKS accounting software. The vision of our Bookkeeping is to support and teach business people to improve and grow their businesses.

    We will provide businesses with the management tools needed to grow and run their business efficiently and effectively.

    We offer advice on what is the best version of each accounting software for your business. We can also assist with upgrades of any software products and other beneficial products aligned with previously.

    Business IT solutions here at Momentum are provided by IT for Business. 
    Colledges accountants kew are a proud partner of Momentum.

    The services we provide include, Training, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Initial setup of the software to run the business, BAS preparation and lodgement, end of year preparation, software sales, and detailed accounting system health check.


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