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Chopper Unchopped

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read

All eleven volumes of Chopper’s original memoirs … unchopped

The Dingo’s Got My Baby

Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton

In 1980, nine-week-old Azaria Chamberlain was taken by a dingo from her family’s tent near Uluru in Australia’s remote Northern Territory. Her body was never found. In a terrible miscarriage of justice, her mother Lindy was wrongfully convicted of her daughter’s murder and sentenced to life in prison. It was seven years before the conviction was overturned. This is the true story behind a tragedy whose echoes reverberated around the world. “This is the story of a little girl who …

The Popcorn Gangster: Chopper 10.5

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read

‘What if there was an author who wrote about crime and therefore relied upon death to earn a living.’

The Final Cut: Chopper 9

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read

‘Only a drunk or a madman would survive luckily, on that occasion, I was both.’

Pulp Faction: Chopper 5

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read

‘My publishers contacted me roughly five minutes before publication and requested one more short story, so I sat down and pondered writing a short murder mystery called “Death of a Publisher by Slow Strangulation”.’

For the Term of His Unnatural Life: Chopper 4

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read

‘The governor called me into his office one fine day and in his best serious voice with his best serious look told me I could no longer write letters to my publishers because it appeared to him that I was trying to write another book. The man should have been a rocket scientist …’

How to Shoot Friends and Influence People: Chopper 3

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read

‘Crims and screws agree on one thing: that the people who run prisons wouldn’t know if a tram was up them unless you rang the bell.’

Hits and Memories: Chopper 2

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read

‘It was just after dawn on Thursday, November 14, 1991. The hatch on the cell door slid back. I could see the screw’s face through the slit. I’ve seen better heads on a pig dog, but this time I could have kissed him.’

Last Man Standing: Chopper 11

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read

‘I’ve dug a few graves in my time. But I have never made a man dig his own grave. There’s no need to go that far – it would be plain bad manners.’

The Sicilian Defence: Chopper 8

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read

‘Gangsters come and gangsters go but lawyers last forever.’

The Singing Defective: Chopper 7

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read

‘This book is a work of literary fiction all persons believing to recognize themselves are advised to seek professional guidance.’

No Tears for a Tough Guy: Chopper 6

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read

‘I’ve known a hundred good street fighters and a thousand not so good ones. But in a lifetime I’ve met only a handful of freak street fighters, the best of the best. They all died young. The freaks always do.’

From the Inside: Chopper 1

Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read

‘Apart from Irish whiskey, good cigars, Pontiac motor cars, and a pistol grip baby .410 shotgun with solid load shells, what I love the most is kidnapping smartarse gangsters and taking their money. To the human filth I have bashed, belted, iron barred, axed, shot, stabbed, knee capped, set on fire and driven to their graves, I can only quote from the motto of the French Foreign Legion, “Je Ne Regrette Rien” … I REGRET NOTHING.’