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Melancholy: Episode 2

Charlotte McConaghy

The creature in that cage is an animal or a monster, or something in between. And when I look at him a reflection all too familiar stares back.

Melancholy: Episode 1

Charlotte McConaghy

Here in the west they know a lot about hope. They know how to ration it just as they do with food and water.

Yours to Explore: Bundled Edition (ES Siren 1-3)

Mel Teshco, Shona Husk, Denise Rossetti

It’s 2202 and three ships are on their way to start a new colony, but the twelve-month trip on Earth Ship Siren is filled with its own dangers … and desires.

Aurora: Centralis (Aurora 4)

Amanda Bridgeman

The beginning, and end, of everything …

Ours to Save: ES Siren 9

Shona Husk

Some secrets are worth killing to protect …

Ours to Embrace: ES Siren 7

Denise Rossetti

She’s sweet, serious and prim – and she’s messing with his head.

Ours to Share: ES Siren 8

Mel Teshco

If stealing from the rich to give to the poor is a crime, then Silo Warrick is a felon of the highest order.

Mine to Keep: ES Siren 5

Denise Rossetti

He’s all puppy charm, but he smiles like a wolf. Trust him? She’d have to be out of her mind.

Mine to Hold: ES Siren 4

Shona Husk

Getting caught between two lovers has never been more dangerous.

Mine to Serve: ES Siren 6

Mel Teshco

A man with a secret past and a woman with an uncertain future.

The Phoenix Ascent: The Fifth Column 3.5

Nathan M Farrugia

Centuries before the Fifth Column, an ancient empire discovers the power of the first Phoenix Variant.

Foresight: Book 3 in the Timesplash series

Graham Storrs

Jay and Sandra are back fighting to save a world on the edge of destruction.

The Phoenix Variant: The Fifth Column 3

Nathan M Farrugia

Sophia: former black operative, current enemy of the state.

Yours to Desire: ES Siren 3

Denise Rossetti

A man more potent than any drug.

Yours to Command: ES Siren 2

Shona Husk

He would do anything to protect her, if only she’d let him.

Yours to Uncover: ES Siren 1

Mel Teshco

Is she willing to sacrifice everything to keep her secret and her lover safe?

Aurora: Meridian (Aurora 3)

Amanda Bridgeman

Their hardest battle will be fighting the enemy within …

Fury: Book One of The Cure (Omnibus Edition)

Charlotte McConaghy

Perfect for fans of Divergent, this series is about a civilization where negative emotions have been erased, creating a world of mindless drones where only those with fury can survive.

Fury: Episode 3

Charlotte McConaghy

I also have no idea how long it will be until Josi changes. But the reality hits as the sound of the raging guns go quiet and everything within this room goes still.

We’re locked inside a room with a ticking time bomb.

She is worse than everything we just escaped.

Fury: Episode 2

Charlotte McConaghy

The sharp, tangy scent of rusted steel is in my nose. Bales of hay are bright yellow, like spun gold, shimmering in the light of the fire. There’s more yellow long tendrils of hair that belong to a child. I can smell her, can smell her fear.

It makes me hungry.

It’s not rusted steel I smell after all it’s blood.

Fury: Episode 1

Charlotte McConaghy

In the tradition of Divergent comes a novel about a world where negative emotions are stolen … and only those with fury can stand up and fight.

Aurora: Pegasus (Aurora 2)

Amanda Bridgeman

Before they can rise victorious, they must first descend into hell.

Ghost Beyond Earth

GM Hague

It’s the late 1990s and NASA has Space Station Freedom orbiting above the Earth.

The Forgotten City: The Demon War Chronicles 2

Nina D’Aleo

The battle is over. The war begins.