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Rick Feneley

Meet the Bulli Boys, if you’re brave enough.

The Steele Diaries

Wendy James

It is as if I am slowly sinking in the water, just occasionally making it back to the top for a gulp of air to a sort of memory of what life can be what life should be and then down down down I go again. And each time the surfacing gets harder and harder and requires a greater feat of will, kicking and turning and fighting against the undertow … What I fear most is that as the memory gets fainter and fainter that eventually I will just give into it and go under, relieved that I don’t have to struggle anymore, that I can just sink into to this blessed oblivion, give into this siren song of domesticity

Cry of the Damaged Man

Tony Moore

“Remarkable, and very moving.” Oliver Sacks

The Fourth Passenger

Mini Nair

Set in Mumbai during the Hindu-Muslim conflict of the early 1990s, The Fourth Passenger is the story of four women raised with traditional Indian values, whose partnership give them the temerity to stand up against religious extremism. Having reached their thirties and disillusioned with their lives and husbands, their decision to open an urban food stand is mingled with their memories of a distant past when two of them loved the same man. But, in order to establish their fledgling …