Willie’s Bar and Grill

Rob Hirst

Willie’s Bar and Grill

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Part tour diary, part war commentary, part history brush-up and cultural junket, Willie’s Bar and Grill charts legendary Australian band Midnight Oil’s progress through North America shortly after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack on the US. Rob Hirst, the band’s drummer/songwriter, relates his version of life on the road in an alternately serious, light-hearted but always entertaining, fashion, introducing the group’s American tour manager, Willie, as well as the band members and the often bizarre characters they meet.

Get on the bus and take the trip.

“Hirst’s strengths are his satirical tone, critical eye and marvellous sense of humour … (this) marvellous book is a view of rock music as corporatised and the music of the almost-old. But it is also a work that gives a clear-eyed view of America on the road.” – The Age

“A true rock ‘n’ roll odyssey.” – NW

“Required reading for Oils fans and anyone interested in what’s involve din taking a rock show on the road.” – Voyeur

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Author Information

Rob Hirst

Rob Hirst was born in Camden, New South Wales. As a founder member of the internationally successful Midnight Oil, over the last twenty-five years he has co-written the words and melodies for many of the group’s best-known songs, including ‘Beds Are Burning’, ‘The Dead Heart’, ‘Short Memory’, ‘The Power and the Passion’, ‘Forgotten Years’, ‘King of the Mountain’ and many others. His singing, songwriting, drumming and guitar can also be heard on three Ghostwriters albums, plus the latest CD, HANOI, …