The White

Adrian Caesar

The White

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Mawson decided to turn north … when he was suddenly plummeted downwards with the fearful rush of nightmare. As the rope and harness attaching him to the sledge unravelled, so did his hope. But then he was arrested by a mighty jerk which felt as if it might remove his weakened arms. The rope pulled up, and he was suspended, slowly revolving fourteen feet into a giant grave of ice. He felt the sledge tugged by his weight towards the lid of the crevasse. So this is the end, he thought.

It is 1912, the heroic age of Antarctic exploration. Scott’s journey has ended. Mawson’s is just beginning. Adrian Caesar’s stunning stroke of imaginative recreation transports us to the last days of those perilous expeditions in the heart of the white continent.

Sweeping through deaths and disasters with the pace and inevitability of a thriller, The White inexorably lays bare the forces that drove these two adventurers, the values that inspired them, and the remorseless obsession that dominated them.

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Author Information

Adrian Caesar

Adrian Caesar is an Australian author and poet. Born in the United Kingdom, he emigrated to Australia in 1982. He studied at Reading University and has held appointments at various Australian universities, including the Australian National University and the University of New South Wales at Canberra’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Caesar is the author of several books, including the prize-winning non-fiction novel THE WHITE based on the Antarctic exploration of Robert F. Scott and Douglas Mawson from 1911 …