View from the Beach

JH Fletcher

View from the Beach

This is the story of four remarkable women.

Dorrie, who, in the dying years of the nineteenth century, dares to defy the conventions of her time by running away with an artist.

The ambitious Roberta, who rides roughshod over all opposition in her single-minded desire to reach her goals.

The gentle Louise, who defies her own nature to find the strength to pursue her personal happiness.

And finally, Ruth, who survived the terrors of the Second World War only to be trapped in a loveless marriage. Through ability, dedication and raw guts she finds fame and fulfilment in her chosen career.

Now the possibility opens up of a glittering triumph greater than anything she has so far achieved…

An elegant and beautifully told story of the loss of innocence amid turmoil and change and a woman’s determination to succeed.

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Author Information

JH Fletcher

JH Fletcher is the author of eight romantic historical novels, published to both critical and popular acclaim. The author’s plays for radio and television have been produced by the BBC and the South African Broadcasting Corporation, and many of this author’s stories have been published in Australia and throughout the world. JH Fletcher was educated in the UK and travelled and worked in France, Asia and Africa before emigrating to Australia in 1991. Home is now a house within sound …

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