The Well at the World’s End: Volume I

William Morris

The Well at the World’s End: Volume I

Ralph of Upmeads, the youngest son of King Peter, has acted against his parents’ wishes to pursue adventure. But Ralph does not want just any quest. He seeks out the Well at the World’s End a magical well famed to bring immortality to those who drink from it.

As Ralph begins his venture across the land he is haunted by dreams of a strange woman the Servant of the Well. When he meets Ursula, a woman of incredible likeness to the one he dreamed, will he continue his quest or fall in love?

Credited with inspiring both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, The Well as the World’s End even features a horse named Shadowfax and a king named Gandolf.

The Well at the World’s End is being released as a part of Momentum’s Classic Fantasy Fiction series.

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Author Information

William Morris

William Morris (1834 -1896) was an English born Renaissance man, famed for his works of art, poetry and literature. From an early age Morris possessed a romantic attachment to all things natural: wildlife, forest walks and exploration. Morris combined this with an interest in Victorian typography and medieval history as inspiration for his art, poetry and writing. Morris’ writing style inspired the genre of world building fantasy, with authors such as C.S Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien naming his …

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