The Silver Bride

Isolde Martyn

The Silver Bride

In a world where her clairvoyance could see her burned as a witch, Heloise has never believed herself worthy of love. So when her father forces Sir Miles Rushden to marry her at swordpoint, Heloise is not expecting a happy ending. Cast out by her father, she has no choice but to throw herself on the mercy of her reluctant bridegroom.

Sir Miles Rushden, adviser to Harry, Duke of Buckingham, awaits the chance to thrust his friend towards the crown. But the threat to Miles’s ambitions, when it comes, is from a completely unexpected source. His silver-haired wife is a former maid of honour in Richard, Duke of Gloucester’s household, and she intrigues him in a way no woman has.

When King Edward IV unexpectedly dies. Miles and Heloise find themselves at the heart of a power struggle as the mighty dukes of Gloucester and Buckingham manoeuvre ruthlessly to seize the crown. In a conspiracy that could have a lethal ending, can loyalty, that most elusive, fragile cornerstone of love, prevail?

Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory, Diana Gabaldon and Alison Weir.

“Isolde Martyn has complete command of her era and a style that is all her own” – novelist Reay Tannahill

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Author Information

Isolde Martyn

Maybe it was a visit to the Tower of London as a child but by the time she was a teenager, Isolde wanted to write historicals. That meant a history honours degree and a specialisation in the Wars of the Roses, her favourite era. Having enjoyed a career in academia and book editing, she is now the author of seven published novels, mostly about real historical figures. Her first novel won the Rita Award for ‘Best First Novel’ in the …