The Raw Scent of Vanilla

Emilia Bresciani

The Raw Scent of Vanilla

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A true story of hope and courage spanning four generations, The Raw Scent of Vanilla is born from the storytelling traditions of the lush and fertile Peruvian Amazon. It follows the highs and lows of the Bresciani-Lujan family, whose women turn to the wisdom of nature to solve their problems. They take counsel with the wise Pink Dolphin of the Amazon, ask the river for advice, and follow the profound messages of their dreams. But when tragedy hits hard and a mystical Blue Cat announces death, their wisdom persuades them to seek other spiritual routes.

Decades later, in another land, Emilia Bresciani must face her own tragedies. She turns to the wisdom of her ancestors for guidance. After becoming a successful journalist she was looking forward to starting a new family with her husband – until her life was shattered by his murder in mysterious circumstances. In a horrifying downward spiral, she found herself not only a widow, but also the only suspect in his murder.

This compelling book is a blend of wit and sadness, courage and adversity, and the vanilla and cinnamon scents of Latin America. A sensual feast of vibrant colours, rich aromas, magic and passion, it is the story of a woman’s spiritual journey to find her true self.

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Author Information

Emilia Bresciani

Emilia Bresciani was born in Peru of Peruvian and Italian parents. At the age of eighteen she travelled to Australia on a journey of adventure and later graduated as a journalist from the University of Technology, Sydney. For fifteen years she worked in radio and television, dedicating her time to the promotion of cultural diversity and the fight for social justice. Her vision and commitment to work for a harmonious society earned her a series of highly regarded awards. Emilia …