The Princess: The Young Royals 3

S.A. Gordon

The Princess: The Young Royals 3

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Princess Margaret, younger sister to Queen Alexandra and Prince David, has managed to evade responsibility most of her adult life. Content to let her brother and sister be popular, hard-working royals, she and her longtime boyfriend Hal spend most of their time on holiday. But when the Queen needs Margaret to grow up and be a proper princess, Margaret’s initial reluctance gives way to a sense of duty. Her old life no longer fits her – nor does her old boyfriend.

Newly single, and loaded up with work, Margaret makes the most of being stuck in the United Kingdom. She is determined to succeed in her role – to support her sister, in particular – and she’s not looking to replace Hal. Then she meets John Bartholomew, a famous actor – older by several years, mature and established. John is as taken with her as she is with him, and they seem set to become the world’s most glamorous couple, until John’s past throws a potentially ruinous obstacle in their way.

Margaret’s new maturity is put to the test when she discovers that love comes with sacrifices – and she may not be prepared to make them.

A sexy, contemporary romance for fans of Bella Andre and Melissa Foster.

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Author Information

S.A. Gordon

S.A. Gordon is the author of the Open Season series  four novels about tennis players, their rivalries, and entanglements and Hung Parliament, a novel about politicians, their rivalries, and entanglements, which was published by Momentum in 2013.   Turning her attention to royal families for the series The Young Royals allowed her to leave rivalries behind and just focus on entanglements specifically those with attractive royals adding in the odd bit of court life, glamour, and international jetsetting.   S.A. …