The Libyan Contract

Paul Mann

The Libyan Contract

One last atrocity tips the balance of global sanity as Middle Eastern fanatics mount a merciless Christmas Eve assault on Heathrow Airport.

But from out of the carnage rises a crack anti-terrorist squad led by Lynch: cool, unflinching and utterly deadly. Together they form an audacious plot to take the tactics of terror back to the heart of the ultimate terrorist state.

Their target is a man who’s held a submachine gun to the head of Western democracy for over a decade. His assassination is their mission. The land of his lunatic regime is their territory. And his name is Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

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Author Information

Paul Mann

Paul Mann started out as an office boy at The Evening Chronicle in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and from there worked his way up to being a reporter on newspapers and magazines, moving between the U.K., Canada, the U.S. and Australia, including being a founder writer of Australian Geographic. He is the author of several books and continues to write.