The Bloody Quarrel: Episode 5

Duncan Lay

The Bloody Quarrel: Episode 5

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Fallon’s wife and the families of his men have returned safely to Gaelland, but it seems their problems are far from at an end.

Prince Swane has the eastern reaches of Gaelland under his control, Prince Kemal is itching for revenge, and Fallon’s erstwhile ally, Duchess Dina, is now under arrest. If the city is to avoid descending into chaos and slaughter, the people desperately need food and weapons.

With Prince Kemal’s army bearing down on Gaelland, Fallon is about to find out if the men he has trained are equal to the Kotterman Empire’s finest …

This epic fantasy is perfect for fans of Robin Hobb and Joe Abercrombie.

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Author Information

Duncan Lay

Duncan Lay is the author of two best-selling Australian fantasy series, the Dragon Sword Histories and the Empire Of Bones. He writes on the train, to and from his job as production editor of The Sunday Telegraph, Australia’s biggest-selling newspaper. He lives on the Central Coast of NSW with his wife and two children. Twitter: @duncanlay Website: Facebook: