The Betrayal of Arthur

Sara Douglass

The Betrayal of Arthur

From the manuscripts of a twelfth-century English cleric to a New York bestseller, tales of King Arthur and his court permeate our world. But where did the stories start and how much is true? Were Guinevere and Lancelot traitors? Was Merlin a wise man or magician? And was King Arthur a great and glorious king or a tragic man doomed from conception?

Sara Douglass, a leading writer of fantasy, pierces the heat of this legend. A scholar and academic in medieval history, she explores the fascination, manipulation and permutations of this captivating myth that has intrigued the western world for centuries.

The Betrayal of Arthur is an enchanting exploration of Arthurian legend, twentieth-century sensibilities and the medieval mind.

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Author Information

Sara Douglass

Sara Douglass was one of Australia’s leading fantasy writers. Author of the award-winning Axis Trilogy (BattleAxe, Enchanter and StarMan), Threshold, the Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy (Sinner, Pilgrim and Crusader), and the Darkglass Mountain trilogy, she also worked her way through three degrees at the University of Adelaide, culminating in a PhD in early modern English history. Sara had a number of careers including lecturing as a medieval history academic in the Arts Department at La Trobe University, Bendigo. She passed away ‚Ķ