The Beirut Contract

Paul Mann

The Beirut Contract

“You’re looking at twenty days to put together a team and rehearse an operation to accomplish something no Western power has been able to do in eight years. No-one has ever rescued a hostage from Lebanon.”

The PLO is about to acquire nine reasons why the US will be powerless to retaliate against its outrages in the future. Nine American hostages are for sale and Yasser Arafat wants to buy them. America wants them back.

The anti-terrorist mercenary force which exploded onto the pages of The Libyan Contract is reactivated for one final mission. Their orders are to bring the hostages home at any cost – and against all odds.

The heart-stopping action of The Beirut Contract moves at a blistering pace – from Mexico to Turkey, from Baghdad to Beirut – as the mercenaries begin to wonder whether they are mere pawns in a deadly game of power-broking. What is mega-rich Jack Halloran doing at the PLO headquarters in Baghdad? How does Yasser Arafat know so much about their mission? Who is behind the brutal murders and mysterious disappearances?

As circumstances spin out of their control, the mercenaries are forced to confront the possibility that they were never meant to get out of Lebanon alive.

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Author Information

Paul Mann

Paul Mann started out as an office boy at The Evening Chronicle in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and from there worked his way up to being a reporter on newspapers and magazines, moving between the U.K., Canada, the U.S. and Australia, including being a founder writer of Australian Geographic. He is the author of several books and continues to write.