Sun in Splendour

JH Fletcher

Sun in Splendour

Born amid the violence of the Paris Commune, smuggled out of France and raised in the Blue Mountains, Marie Desmoulins becomes one of the great artists of the twentieth century.

Overcoming the restrictions to which women were subject during her youth, Marie moves to Sydney, then travels to the Paris of the 1920s, Kashmir in the days of the Raj and, finally, home again to Australia.

Along the way, she has relationships with a wide variety of people: Eugenie, willing to exchange her children for the financial security that ultimately eludes her; Aline, who abandons her art for luxury; Martha, whose disfigured body could not conceal her generous spirit; Katie, model, close friend and confidante; Neil, whom she marries; and finally, Mark, destined to become the most significant man in her life.

One of Australia’s finest authors brings us a profoundly moving account of one woman’s creative life and the true price of artistic genius.

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Author Information

JH Fletcher

JH Fletcher is the author of eight romantic historical novels, published to both critical and popular acclaim. The author’s plays for radio and television have been produced by the BBC and the South African Broadcasting Corporation, and many of this author’s stories have been published in Australia and throughout the world. JH Fletcher was educated in the UK and travelled and worked in France, Asia and Africa before emigrating to Australia in 1991. Home is now a house within sound ‚Ķ