Self-Defence in 30 Seconds

Rob Redenbach

Self-Defence in 30 Seconds

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Legally, do you have to wait for someone to strike first before you can defend yourself? What are the best techniques to use if your assailant is stronger and more skilled than you are? And what about defending against weapons and even gang attacks?

Drawing from more than two decades of international experience – including providing security to aid workers in Iraq and teaching his own system of self-defence to the American FBI, the British SAS and Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard team – Robert Redenbach provides proven strategies and concise, honest advice on what it really takes to protect yourself and the people you care about.

Whether you are a complete novice or an advanced Black Belt, Self-Defence in 30 Seconds will teach you how to empower your body with your most powerful weapon – your mind!

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Author Information

Rob Redenbach

A former member of the Australian Defence Force, Rob Redenbach has managed a security company in Papua New Guinea, worked with the bodyguard team of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, taught his own system of defensive tactics to the American FBI and British special forces and provided security services to aid-workers in Iraq and Afghanistan. A successful author and adviser, Rob holds postgraduate qualifications in (counter) terrorism, safety and security and has completed Executive Education at Harvard University. With a …

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