Powerplay: Hot Down Under

Lexxie Couper

Powerplay: Hot Down Under

She’s a ball-busting vice president at the country’s leading bank, he’s the trophy husband she wears on her arm at executive dinners. Except when they are in the bedroom.

In the bedroom, their “games” of sexual domination have Sam firmly in the position of power. Nicky, however, is ready to bring the game to an end but Sam has other ideas.

During a night of domination and submission in their isolated country cottage, an unexpected guest drops in on the couple. A dangerous guest. And for Sam and Nicky, nothing will ever be the same again.

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Author Information

Lexxie Couper

Cherie is happily married to the man of her dreams, is a busy mum of two little girls, a proud cat owner (although she suspect the cat thinks she owns her) and an insanely manic writer. She has written over forty erotic romance books under the pen name Lexxie Couper. A long time ago she gave up trying to suppress the stories in her head which were constantly trying to escape and has been blissfully happy since. The Always books …

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