Out of the Blue

JR Carroll

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue


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But the cops aren’t interested. Gatz is a loose cannon who couldn’t handle the force. No longer one of them. No longer worth the trouble.

But trouble’s on the way. Someone’s out to get Dennis Gatz and he can’t wait to meet them. Head on.

This time it’s personal. This time he’ll do anything for revenge. And the best revenge comes out of the blue.

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Author Information

JR Carroll

JR Carroll lives in Melbourne, where he was born and raised. A graduate of Melbourne University, he worked as a teacher for a number of years before turning to full-time fiction writing. His first book, about the Vietnam War, was Token Soldiers. This was followed by a series of crime thrillers, including Catspaw, No Way Back, Out of the Blue, The Clan, Cheaters, and Blindside. His latest crime novel, 8 Hours to Die, will be released by Momentum in January …