Out of Exile: A Tom Bishop Rampage

Luke Preston

Out of Exile: A Tom Bishop Rampage

You can’t go on the kind of spree ex-cop Tom Bishop did and not face consequences.

After three years of rotting in a cell, Bishop is busted out of prison in the dead of night and thrown into the middle of a police war where the stakes are high and personal.

Now, the very man who put him away calls on his help. But what starts out as a simple rescue mission escalates into an adrenaline-fuelled, action packed thrill-ride as Bishop plunges into a web of conspiracy that threatens to destroy his soul, but may provide the truth about his past.

Out of Exile is the anticipated follow up to the award-nominated Dark City Blue.

“Gutsy characters and a high stakes plot. This hard-assed crime thriller had me from the first page.” – Greg Barron, author of
Rotten Gods and Savage Tide

“Genuine, nail-shredding excitement.” – Reading Kills


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Author Information

Luke Preston

Luke spent most of his twenties as a freelance writer and listening to rock ‘n roll. He drinks heavily on occasion, is a half decent musician and his idea of a good time involves a jukebox designed to bleed ears. He writes in cafes, bars and in parking lots on the back of old fuel receipts and cigarette packets. He doesn’t believe in writers block or in the magic bullet theory and his favorite album is Highway to Hell. He …