Keepers of the House

JH Fletcher

Keepers of the House

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Anna Riordan, a very successful businesswoman who also dabbles in politics, is at a crossroads in her life. Her husband has just walked out on her, she is trying to decide whether to seriously pursue a political career, and then there is the matter of Mark, an old flame, and her ties to South Africa. Anna’s great-grandmother, Annaliese, fled South Africa not long after the Boer War.

But she remembers the farm and the land, and impresses on young Anna that she must buy back that land – nothing else matters. Anna is sent on an unofficial government mission to test the winds of change in South Africa she makes contact with one of the black African leaders whilst there; a meeting that will, in the future, change her life.

Before she can move on with her life, Anna must come to terms with her heritage, with the ghost of Annaliese that haunts her, and decide whether she really wants her husband back.

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Author Information

JH Fletcher

JH Fletcher is the author of eight romantic historical novels, published to both critical and popular acclaim. The author’s plays for radio and television have been produced by the BBC and the South African Broadcasting Corporation, and many of this author’s stories have been published in Australia and throughout the world. JH Fletcher was educated in the UK and travelled and worked in France, Asia and Africa before emigrating to Australia in 1991. Home is now a house within sound …