Marquis de Sade


Justine takes place in France at the cusp of the French Revolution. It follows the story of a criminal, Justine, who is telling the story of her life before being executed. Her tale involves exile, torture, and sexual slavery. After enduring an onslaught of rape and violence, the virtuous Justine attempted to escape

Chock full of murder, arson (not to mention the orgies) Justine is a singular and risky novel that resulted in the imprisonment of author Marquis de Sade by Napolean Bonaparte.

Justine is part of Momentum’s Classic Erotica collection.

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Author Information

Marquis de Sade

Marquis de Sade (1740 1814), full name Jean-Baptiste François Joseph de Sade, was a French aristocrat, philosopher, politician, and writer infamous for his sexual liaisons and erotic works. After first pursuing a military career and fighting in the Seven Years’ War, he was later imprisoned and transferred to an insane asylum for nearly half of his life due to excessive reports of abuse of his servants and prostitutes, and due to his erotic publication, the novel Justine.

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