Eagle on the Hill

JH Fletcher

Eagle on the Hill

Charlie Armstrong is master of the paddle steamer Brenda. George Grenville is the powerful owner of the wine estate Eagle on the Hill. A broken promise and a stolen horse are the beginnings of a lifelong feud, and when hostility spills over into violence, there are consequences for all who live along the river.

Then Charlie’s daughter Alex saves George’s grandson Martin from drowning and the two become close friends. But can their relationship survive the enmity between their families?

Eagle on the Hill is an epic story of passion, warmth and courage, as enduring as the great Murray River itself.

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Author Information

JH Fletcher

JH Fletcher is the author of eight romantic historical novels, published to both critical and popular acclaim. The author’s plays for radio and television have been produced by the BBC and the South African Broadcasting Corporation, and many of this author’s stories have been published in Australia and throughout the world. JH Fletcher was educated in the UK and travelled and worked in France, Asia and Africa before emigrating to Australia in 1991. Home is now a house within sound …