Dark Child (Bloodsworn): Episode 3

Adina West

Dark Child (Bloodsworn): Episode 3

When Kat’s offered the opportunity to escape her grandmother, continue her training in Europe under Samuel’s supervision, and be reunited with her Taberin family, she jumps at the chance. But in Samuel’s company she learns more about the secrets and intrigues of coven politics than Imara has ever shared. It seems that Imara’s war with the Taberin Directorate isn’t the only thing threatening the Families of Power, and that Kat’s own position as heir to the coven leadership is far from assured.

Char has her own problems at her new nightclub in York. She’s always had a sixth sense for danger, but even she could never have predicted the catastrophic fallout from agreeing to John Falcon’s request to hide Yara Fortes. The traumatized teen’s connections go all the way to the very top of the Taberin Directorate. It seems the new Vodas will stop at nothing, and spare no one, to get Yara back.

An urban fantasy full of vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters, which is perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments and Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden series.

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Author Information

Adina West

Adina West grew up on a remote property on Australia’s east coast, in country New South Wales. She spent most of her childhood curled up with a book, and her first teenage job was shelving books at the local library, where she was cautioned more than once for reading them instead of putting them away. Her first stories were laboriously typed up with two fingers on her parents’ old typewriter. Her dream of one day being a published writer progressed ‚Ķ