Dark Child (The Awakening): Episode 5

Adina West

Dark Child (The Awakening): Episode 5

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Then she heard it; faintly at first, but quickly becoming louder. Her faint prickle of unease became a crawling apprehension that made every hair on her body stand on end. Because there was no mistaking the sound that was drawing ever closer. The excited baying, the mournful howls of wild creatures as they grouped and closed in for the kill.
Cold dread swept through her, chilling her to the bone. The pack was here.

The future seems hopeless, and Kat’s life is in the balance. Is it possible that she holds the key to their survival? Because if she can’t find a way to unlock the knowledge within herself, it won’t just be her life that’s forfeit, but also the lives of the unalil, and of their captive sister . . .

This is a novella length episode of Dark Child (The Awakening)*, first in the Dark Child series. All five episodes are also available bundled as Dark Child (The Awakening): Omnibus Edition. Look out for the next in this series, Dark Child (Covens Rising) available July 2014.

*Dark Child (The Awakening) was originally published in 2013 as Dark Child Episodes 1-5 and Dark Child Omnibus Edition.

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Dark Child (Covens Rising) Omnibus Edition

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Author Information

Adina West

Adina West grew up on a remote property on Australia’s east coast, in country New South Wales. She spent most of her childhood curled up with a book, and her first teenage job was shelving books at the local library, where she was cautioned more than once for reading them instead of putting them away. Her first stories were laboriously typed up with two fingers on her parents’ old typewriter. Her dream of one day being a published writer progressed …