Cry of the Damaged Man

Tony Moore

Cry of the Damaged Man

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While driving to work in 1984, Dr Tony Moore was hit by a 30-tonne truck, crushing him and his car and changing his life forever. A well-known surgeon and rehabilitation specialist, he now tells his story of recovery from a patient’s point of view, but with a doctor’s knowledge and experience. Temporarily disabled and emotionally devastated, Tony Moore records how, from the depths of despair and isolation, he emerged as a more perceptive doctor and changed individual.

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Author Information

Tony Moore

Tony Moore was born in South London in 1940 and evacuated to Cardiff two weeks later where he spent his early childhood. He migrated to Australia in 1948 with his mother and brother. After tolerating school he seized the medical course at Melbourne University where he had an outstanding academic record. With post-graduate qualifications in surgery and rehabilitation medicine, he wandered to Cambridge University to read literature and philosophy. A nomad by temperament, he has worked in the United States, …