Casting Couch Confidential

Bessie Bardot Geoff Barker

Casting Couch Confidential

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Bessie Bardot and Geoff Barker, former managing team behind the highly innovative modelling agency Bardot’s Bodies and both models themselves, have lifted the lid on an industry where beauty is often only skin deep.

Using their own astounding experiences and anecdotes, as well as the accounts of a host of models, photographers and industry insiders from around the world, Casting Couch Confidential is a collection of the most mind-blowing real-life stories imaginable.

This is the book that tells it like it is – a warts-and-all look at what it’s really like to put yourself on the line for fame. These are confessions from the fast lane: out-of-control shoots, sex and drug filled parties in the modelling capitals of the world, and the insane lengths the beautiful people will go to to stay that way.

But Casting Couch Confidential is more than just the expose of a very private world. It’s essential reading for anyone interested in a modelling career, as those who’ve made it to the top share their cautionary tales about the many pitfalls and traps of the fame game.

This is the book that redefines model behaviour.

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Author Information

Bessie Bardot

Bessie Bardot was brought up in Mullumbimby near Byron Bay, Australia. Her life changed dramatically when she moved to Sydney’s North Shore after her mother separated from her ‘hippy’ father and married a preacher. The diversity of Bessie’s upbringing led her to develop a strong passion for free will and free speech. Upon finishing her HSC, she went on to work in advertising, journalism and fashion with labels such as DKNY, Guess and Calvin Klein. Since Bessie and Geoff met, …

Author Information

Geoff Barker

Born in Plymouth, England, in 1968, Geoff Barker joined the UK Marines at age seventeen. After four years as a British Green Beret Commando, he moved to Australia in 1991. Pursuing a career as an actor and personal trainer, he co-authored two best-selling books on exercise and nutrition, and moved into the public eye as ‘Trainer to the Stars’, lecturing, writing articles, and advising many publications and companies on body shaping and health. Later starring in the Australian series of …