A Clean Kill: John Maiden 2

GM Hague

A Clean Kill: John Maiden 2

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Detective John Maiden returns to solve the case, but in the Sanctuary everyone loves everybody else. They share the same rooms, the same church, the same swimming pool and gymnasium – even the same bed, when no one’s looking – and everybody has something to hide. In the close-knit, secretive environment of the Sanctuary, modern police methods and forensics are useless. Every crime scene is saturated with evidence from all the clan members. Each murder is as good as a clean kill and Maiden has to rely to all of his wits and experience to find the killer.

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GM Hague

Graeme Hague is an author, freelance writer, musician and audio engineer who now lives in the south west of Western Australia with his wife Lisa, and a growing menagerie of large dogs and even larger donkeys. You’re welcome to contact Graeme through his website at www.graemehague.com.au, his WordPress Blog at www.graemehague.wordpress.com and his Facebook page, Graeme Hague