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Give a TV lover a book!

Posted January 14, 2016 by Sophie Overett

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Do you have someone in your life who is difficult to buy gifts for? Is it your dad? Regardless, all you need to know is their favourite TV show, and we’ve got the rest covered. Here’s some book tips for the TV lover!


Watching: The Walking Dead
Give them: A Town Called Dust by Justin Woolley

The Walking Dead is basically a cultural phenomenon at this point. The series about a man waking up from a coma to find himself in the throes of the zombie apocalypse captured imaginations around the world. Odds are someone in your life is a diehard fan of the series – whether it’s your teenage sister or straight laced hubby. This holiday season, grab them A Town Called Dust by Justin Woolley, a terrific dystopian series set in the outskirts of Alice Springs with a small community left to fight off hoards of the undead.


Watching: Grey’s Anatomy
Give them: Life Support by Nicki Edwards

Medical dramas are a dime a dozen, but few have had the longevity of Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy, a series that really taps into the heart (pun!) of the genre. Stop wondering about the difference between McDreamy and McSteamy and instead settle your giftee with Nicki Edwards’ Life Support, a story about a small town nurse who finds herself balancing her career, the death of her husband and a mysterious new beau.


Watching: Homeland
Give them: Standoff by David Rollins

The combination of crime, character study and national security proved the trifecta for multi-award-winning drama, Homeland. Standoff by David Rollins takes a different approach, but is similarly thrilling as the story of an OSI Special Agent investigating an airport massacre only to find a survivor left crawling out of the Texan desert.


Watching: Reign
Give them: The Young Royals Series by S.A. Gordon

Who doesn’t like to see hot young royals caught between lovers and station? Reign might take you back to the days of Mary, Queen of Scots, but that doesn’t mean the monarch drama needs to stay in the 1500s. S.A. Gordon’s Young Royals Series takes an All-American girl and drops her into the life of luxury after she captures the eye of Prince David. Fraught relationships and torn commitments ensue!


Watching: The Jinx: the life and deaths of Robert Durst
Give them: Chopper Unchopped

Thanks to the Serial Podcast, true crime seems to be a hot water-cooler topic these days. Everyone listened with eager ears as Sarah Koenig opened up the long closed case of Adnan Syed and scrambled to answer the question of whether he really did kill his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. With the podcast between seasons, a lot of listeners turned their attention to HBO’s The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, a six-part miniseries exploring the strange connection between a string of unsolved crime and a real estate tycoon. Give your criminally-curious pal the insidelook at one of Australia’s most notorious criminals, Mark ‘Chopper’ Brandon, in Chopper Unchopped.

Is the show you have in mind not featured here? Tell us in the comments and we’ll let you know what to get!

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The True Story of How I Met a Prince

Posted December 2, 2014 by Eve Merrier

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This week we’re celebrating the release of The Prince by S. A. Gordon, so it seemed the ideal moment to tell you what it’s like meeting an actual Prince.

It was in Chelsea, London (England). I was eighteen and in a club far fancier than I had any right to be in, wearing a brown hand-me-down dress from my sister. It was the sort of place where the drinks were free, but you had to tip the lady in the bathrooms who offered you hand towels so handsomely that you still ended the night broke.


From my spot in the centre of the dance floor I saw a group of men smiling in my direction. One came over. He said, ‘Would you like to meet the Prince?’ The answer to that question is always yes.

As I approached the table he said, ‘May I present the Prince of (name of European country).’

I can’t remember exactly what I said in return, but I’m pretty sure it was nothing more original than ‘Hi.’


I sat down with the Prince, and his minders. He offered me a drink, that someone else then procured on his behalf. It seems Princes don’t get their own rounds in. We chatted for a little while, mostly small talk: whether he liked London; whether either of us came to this particular bar often. Essentially he was just a ridiculously wealthy, well-dressed, perfectly ordinary guy. He was pleasant, stylish and an actual real life Prince, but he was not who I was there to spend the evening with.


I returned to the group I’d come with, and the man I loved, who wasn’t impressed with me leaving him to throw shapes alone while I chatted with the royal one. But he had no reason for concern. The thing is, I never really grew up with the ‘Prince Charming’ fantasy. I wasn’t talking to the Prince in the hope that he would whisk me off to a castle and make me a Princess. I was just massively curious. I’d never met one before. Princes are rare. It was like seeing a Yeti or a double rainbow.


So that’s how you meet a modern day prince, the way a lot of people meet: in a nightclub. No glass slippers or balls. Just glasses of wine and mirrorballs.

That’s it: the true story of how I met a Prince, and, in case you’re wondering, I lived happily ever after.


P.S. He was an absolute demon on the dance floor.


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The Poll Vault: because this is the kind of election where all you can do is laugh

Posted August 29, 2013 by Mark

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S.A. Gordon, author of political erotic romance novel Hung Parliament, has launched a new tumblr making fun of the 2013 federal election campaign. Click on any of the images below to visit The Poll Vault, and don’t forget to buy a copy of Hung Parliament!


Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott resists the impulse to nuzzle this unsuspecting voter’s hair – but only just. 


For an uncomfortable moment, Kev remembers how Han Solo ended up spending an unscheduled amount of time in Jabba the Hutt’s lair. Almost simultaneously he realises that Albo is no Luke Skywalker. 


Although they’ve lost Kurt, Marta and Gretl somewhere on the mountainside, Freidrich suggests to Liesl that the remaining von Trapp children start their vocal exercises ahead of a performance of ‘The Lonely Goatherd’. 


‘Why on earth would he be taking a selfie in here? And can’t he tell that his focus is off?’ Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband Malcolm Turnbull fails to rationalise the behaviour of Manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne.



9781743342916_Hung Parliament_coverThe election isn’t the only thing that’s coming…

In the dark heart of winter, an election is called. Two parties will vie for supremacy. Two leaders, Grace Hammond and David Bartley, will do battle to take charge of the land. It would all be so straightforward if they weren’t already having an affair.

Amidst accusations of corruption, treachery and murky deals done with large corporations, network news correspondent Chopper (not his real name) knows whose fingerprints are on what and who is about to stab who in the back. That doesn’t mean he’ll run the story, though, even when it’s a story that could take down both leaders and create the biggest scandal ever seen in the nation’s politics.

The web of relationships and the network of secrets on which the national capital runs mean that Chopper’s decisions are never straightforward. He has people to protect, and people to expose – but the real test comes when they turn out to be one and the same.

Click here to purchase Hung Parliament for only $3.99 from your preferred ebook retailer

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The eleven point plan to reading political erotica

Posted August 16, 2013 by Mark

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We’re mainly talking about Hung Parliament here…

1. Snigger at the title

2. Acknowledge the genius of the title

3. Open it up and start reading, admire the writing style

4. Get aroused

5. Stop it, you’re at work and it’s the middle of the day

6. Picture real politicians in the roles

7. Vomit on your desk, shoes, colleagues

8. Forget all about real politicians and use your imagination instead

9. Keep reading

10. Get aroused

11. Go home early

Hung Parliament is available now for only $3.99

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