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Giveaway: Zenith: The First Book of Ascension by Dirk Strasser

Posted July 4, 2014 by Mark

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Dirk Strasser is giving away ebook copies of Zenith: The First Book of Ascension, the first instalment in his thrilling fantasy trilogy.

Can you see the story breathing?


A mountain so great it takes a year to travel from base to summit

A sun so powerful it drives you into madness if you look at it

An ascent so vital it determines the fate of the world

A summit so precious it holds the key to the divine

The world of the great Mountain is unstable. Giant pillars erupt from the surface and yawning chasms form unpredictably underfoot. Since the Maelir first stood on its slopes in the distant past, they have sought to still its anger and control its power. Each year, twin brothers are chosen to make a perilous journey to the summit. If they survive they will be witness to Zenith, and the secrets will be revealed to them.

When Atreu and Teyth embark on their Ascent, their Talismans lead them onto conflicting paths that will ultimately set brother against brother. And this time the Ascent itself is in peril as unknown forces that have long craved the power of Zenith will stop at nothing to make it their own … even if it means destroying the very thing that sustains all life – the Mountain itself.



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A year of erotica, romance, zombies and rock stars

Posted October 1, 2013 by Mark

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A year ago today we published Flesh, an erotic romance novel set during a zombie apocalypse that we had found in our submissions folder. The author, Kylie Scott, had penned a novel that was entertaining, thrilling, fun and unique.

The reception Flesh received was amazing – well beyond our wildest expectations, and Kylie has continued to grow. Her most recent novel, Lick, became an international bestseller, reaching the Amazon Top 20, and the USA Today bestsellers list.

To celebrate a year since the publication of our first Kylie Scott novel, we’re giving away her backlist! I have ebook copies of LickFlesh, Skin and the erotic short story Hot Down Under: Room With a View to giveaway to five readers. To be in the running simply email your details to with the subject line: Kylie Scott Giveaway. I’ll be sending out the giveaway copies on Friday 4 October so get in quick! 

Congratulations to Kylie for one year anniversary!



9781743341254_Room With a View_cover

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Knock Knock….

Posted July 5, 2013 by Anne

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Want to win a copy of the horror novel Doors by Daniel Brako? Read on. 

David Druas is a successful psychologist, with a thriving practice. When he encounters Hans Werner, a client who sees imaginary doors, life takes a dark and unexpected turn.

After trying to unravel the delusion, David also notices mysterious doors. Scattered throughout the city, they lead to beautiful, terrifying and dangerous new worlds. But are they real?

When Hans Werner is murdered, the evidence identifies David as the killer. Forced to become a fugitive, he struggles to escape the deepening nightmare that threatens to overwhelm him.

As the police close in, it becomes apparent that the doors are concealing a dark and tangled truth. The question is: can David unlock their secrets before his time and sanity run out?

We’re giving away a print copy of the novel in our Doors Giveaway. To win, just tell us one thing:

What would be behind the door in your horror novel scenario? 

Bedroom 1 Door

Email your entries to by FRIDAY 12TH JULY 2013 and you could win your own paperback copy of Doors by Daniel Brako. Make sure to include the subject heading Doors Giveaway.



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30% off our entire range of ebooks

Posted July 4, 2013 by Mark

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To celebrate the Independence Day weekend in the USA, we have an exciting offer.

We’re offering 30% off our entire range of Momentum ebooks for the first 1,776 users! To take advantage, simply enter the offer code applepie at checkout.

Browse our range of titles here

This offer expires on Monday, is not applicable to pre-release titles, and is valid globally.

Some titles you may like to purchase:


9781743342145_Jefferson's Second Father_cover

Jefferson’s Second Father by John Bailey

“He was my ancient master, my earliest and best friend; and to him I am indebted for first impressions which have had the most salutary influence on the course of my life.” —Thomas Jefferson on George Wythe, 1806

This is the story of George Wythe, a man determined, steadfast and courageous, described by Benjamin Rush as possessing “dove-like simplicity and gentleness of manner.” From his humble beginnings as a circuit lawyer in Virginia, Wythe was a prominent opponent of slavery and was instrumental in the creation of the constitution. His distinguished career saw him appointed the first professor of law in the United States.

Wythe witnessed most of the great events leading to America’s independence and formation as a nation and was a signatory to the Declaration of Independence. And then, in 1806, Wythe was murdered.

This book tells the story of George Wythe’s life, his amazing legacy, his role as second father to the fathers of the nation and offers a solution to the mystery of his bizarre and tragic death.


9781743342176_Timesplash_coverTimesplash by Graham Storrs

It started out as something underground, edgy and cool. Then Sniper took it all too far and timesplashing became the ultimate terrorist weapon.

Scarred by their experiences in the time traveling party scene, Jay and Sandra are thrown together in what becomes the biggest manhunt in history: the search for Sniper, Sandra’s ex-boyfriend and a would-be mass murderer.

Set in the near future, Timesplash is a fast-paced action thriller. Filled with great characters, a sprinkling of romance, and a new and intriguing take on time travel, Timesplash is ultimately a very human tale about finding bravery through fear, and never giving up.

Highly recommended for science fiction and thriller enthusiasts alike.

Timesplash is the first book in the Timesplash series. True Path: Timesplash 2 will be released in July 2013.


PrintSplitsville by Sean Condon

Splitsville is a 21st century screwball comedy about a Manhattan company that breaks up relationships for people who can’t say the words “It’s over”.

Chester wants to leave his fiancée, Sara.

Holly’s looking for revenge after her boyfriend dumped her. And she’s starting to develop a crush on Charlie.

Charlie thinks it would be better for Sallie if she left the man in her life.

Thurston would love to have a baby with Lainey because she’s cute and because a TV executive thinks it’d be good for ratings.

But Marvin the Millionaire Meat King wants Thurston and Lainey busted up.

Lainey still has feelings for Charlie. Charlie’s falling for Adelaide. And Adelaide’s married to Rob.

Luckily, there’s a corporation that can work all this out for everybody and send them to the happiest place on earth.

Welcome to Splitsville.


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Lick up for grabs

Posted July 1, 2013 by Anne

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To celebrate the release of Lick, the first book in Kylie Scott‘s new series Stage Dive, today, I thought I’d not only give you a preview of the second chapter in the book but also a chance to win a print copy of Lick

In order to win, just email and tell me your best remedy for a woken-up-married-to-a-rockstar-in-Vegas style tequila hangover. Make sure you include Lick Giveaway in the subject line. Entries must be in by the end of Wednesday 3rd of July to be in contention.

Now, here’s chapter 2 (chapter 1 can be found under “read sample” on the book page).


Lauren sat beside me on the plane, fiddling with my iPhone. “I don’t understand how your taste in music can be so bad. We’ve been friends for years. Have I taught you nothing?”

“To not drink tequila.”

She rolled her eyes.

Above our heads the seatbelt sign flashed on. A polite voice advised us to return our seats to the upright position as we’d be landing in a few minutes. I swallowed the dregs of my shitty plane coffee with a wince. Fact was, no amount of caffeine could help me today. Quality didn’t even come into it.

“I am deadly serious,” I said. “I’m also never setting foot in Nevada ever again so long as I live.”

“Now there’s an overreaction.”

“Not even a little, lady.”

Lauren had stumbled back to the motel a bare two hours before our flight was due to leave. I’d spent the time re-packing my small bag over and over in an attempt to get my life back into some semblance of order. It was good to see Lauren smiling, though getting to the airport in time had been a race. Apparently she and the cute waiter she’d met would be keeping in touch. Lauren had always been great with guys, while I was more closely related to your standard garden-variety wallflower. My plan to get laid in Vegas had been a deliberate attempt to get out of that rut. So much for that idea.

Lauren was studying economics and she was gorgeous, inside and out. I was more kind of unwieldy. It was why I made a habit of walking everywhere I could in Portland and trying not to sample the contents of the cake display case at the café where I worked. It kept me manageable, waist-wise. Though my Mom still saw fit to give me lectures on the subject because God forbid I dare put sugar in my coffee. My thighs would no doubt explode or something.

Lauren had three older brothers and knew what to say to guys. Nothing intimidated her. The girl oozed charm. I had one older brother but we no longer interacted outside of major family holidays. Not since he moved out of home four years back leaving only a note. Nathan had a temper and a gift for getting into trouble. He’d been the bad boy in high school, always getting into fights and skipping classes. Though blaming my lack of success with guys on my non-existent relationship with my brother was wrong. I could own my deficiencies with the opposite sex. Mostly.

“Listen to this.” Lauren plugged my earphones into her phone and the whine of electric guitars exploded inside my skull. The pain was exquisite. My headache roared back to sudden, horrific life. Nothing remained of my brain but bloody red mush. Of this I was certain.

I ripped out the earphones. “Don’t. Please.”

“But that’s Stage Dive.”

“And they’re lovely. But, you know, another time maybe.”

“I worry about you sometimes. I just want you to know that.”

“There is nothing wrong with country music played softly.”

Lauren snorted and fluffed up her short dark hair. “There is nothing right with country music played at any volume. So what did you get up to last night? Apart from spending quality time heaving?”

“Actually, that about sums it up.” The less said the better. How could I ever explain? Still, guilt slid through me and I squirmed in my seat. The tattoo throbbed in protest.

I hadn’t told Lauren about my grand having-good-sex plan for the night. She’d have wanted to help. Honestly, sex didn’t strike me as the sort of thing you should have help with. Apart from what was required from the sexual partner in question, of course. Lauren’s assistance would have involved foisting me on every hottie in the room with promises of my immediate leg-open availability.

I loved Lauren and her loyalty was above question, but she didn’t have a subtle bone in her body. She’d punched a girl in the nose in fifth grade for teasing me about my weight and we’d been friends ever since. With Lauren, you always knew exactly where you stood. Something I appreciated the bulk of the time, just not when discretion was called for.

Happily, my sore stomach survived the bumpy landing. Soon as those wheels hit the tarmac I let out a sigh of relief. I was back in my hometown. Beautiful Oregon, lovely Portland, never again would I stray. With mountains in the distance and trees in the city, she was a singular delight. To limit myself to the one city for life might indeed be going overboard. But it was great to be home. I had an all-important internship starting next week that my father had pulled strings to get for me. There were also next semester’s classes to start planning for.

Everything would be fine. I’d learned my lesson. Normally, I didn’t go past three drinks. Three drinks were good. Three got me happy without tripping me face first into disaster. Never again would I cross the line. I was back to being the good old organized, boring me. Adventures were not cool and I was done with them.

We stood and grabbed our bags out of the overhead lockers. Everyone pushed forward in a rush to disembark. The hostesses gave us practiced smiles as we tramped up the aisle and out into the connecting tunnel. Next came security and then we poured out into the baggage claim. Fortunately, we only had carry-on, so no delays there. I couldn’t wait to get home.

I heard shouting up ahead. Lights were flashing. Someone famous must have been on the plane. People ahead of us turned and stared. I looked back too but saw no familiar faces.

“What’s going on?” Lauren asked, scanning the crowd.

“I don’t know,” I said, standing on tippy-toe, getting excited by all the commotion.

Then I heard it, my name being called out over and over. Lauren’s mouth pursed in surprise. Mine fell open.

“When’s the baby due?”

“Evelyn, is David with you?”

“Will there be another wedding?”

“When will you be moving to LA?”

“Is David coming to meet your parents?”

“Evelyn, is this the end for Stage Dive?”

“Is it true that you got tattoos of each other’s name?”

“How long have you and David been seeing each other?”

“What do you say to accusations that you’ve broken up the band?”

My name and his, over and over, mixed into a barrage of endless questions. All of which merged into chaos. A wall of noise I could barely comprehend. I stood gaping in disbelief as flashlights blinded me and people pressed in. My heart hammered. I’d never been great with crowds and there was no escape that I could see.

Lauren snapped out of it first.

She shoved her sunglasses onto my face and then grabbed my hand. With liberal use of her elbows, she dragged me through the mob. The world became a blur, care of her prescription lenses. I was lucky not to fall on my ass. We ran through the busy airport and out to a waiting taxi, jumping the queue. People started yelling. We ignored them.

The paparazzi were close behind.

The motherfucking paparazzi. It would have been surreal if it wasn’t so frantic and in my face.

Lauren pushed me into the back seat of the cab. I scrambled across then slumped down, doing my best to hide. Wishing I could disappear entirely.

“Go! Hurry!” she shouted at the driver.

The driver took her at her word. Our ride shot out of the place, sending us sliding across the cracked vinyl seating. My forehead bounced off the back of the (luckily padded) passenger seat. Lauren pulled my seatbelt over me and jammed it into the clasp. My hands didn’t seem to be working. Everything jumped and jittered.

“Talk to me,” she said.

“Ah …” No words came out. I pushed her sunglasses up on top of my head and stared into space. My ribs hurt and my heart still pounded so hard.

“Ev?” With a small smile Lauren patted my knee. “Did you somehow happen to get married while we were away?”

“I … yeah. I, uh, I did. I think.”


And then it just all blurted out of me. “God, Lauren. I screwed up so badly and I barely even remember any of it. I just woke up and he was there and then he was so pissed at me and I don’t even blame him. I didn’t know how to tell you. I was just going to pretend it never happened.”

“I don’t think that’s going to work now.”


“Okay. No big deal. So you’re married.” Lauren nodded, her face freakily calm. No anger, no blame. Meanwhile, I felt terrible I hadn’t confided in her. We shared everything.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I should have told you.”

“Yes, you should have. But never mind.” She straightened out her skirt like we were sitting down to tea. “So, who did you marry?”

“D-David. His name is David.”

“David Ferris, by any chance?”

The name sounded familiar. “Maybe?”

“Where we going?” asked the cab driver, never taking his eyes off the traffic. He wove in and out among the cars with supernatural speed. If I’d been up to feeling anything, I might have felt fear and more nausea. Blind terror, perhaps. But I had nothing.

“Ev?” Lauren turned in her seat, checking out the cars behind us. “We haven’t lost them. Where do you want to go?”

“Home,” I said, the first safe place to come to mind. “My parents’ place, I mean.”

“Good call. They’ve got a fence.” Without pausing for breath Lauren rattled off the address to the driver. She frowned and pushed the sunglasses back down over my face. “Keep them on.”

I gave a rough laugh as the world outside turned back into a smudge. “You really think it’ll help, now?”

“No,” she said, flicking back her long hair. “But people in these situations always wear sunglasses. Trust me.”

“You watch too much TV.” I closed my eyes. The sunglasses weren’t helping my hangover. Nor was the rest of it. All my own damn fault. “I’m sorry I didn’t say something. I didn’t mean to get married. I don’t even remember what happened exactly. This is such a …”


“That word works.”

Lauren sighed and rested her head on my shoulder. “You’re right. You really shouldn’t drink tequila ever again.”

“No,” I agreed.

“Do me a favor?” she asked.


“Don’t break up my favorite band.”

“Ohmygod.” I shoved the sunglasses back up, frowning hard enough to make my head throb. “Guitarist. He’s the guitarist. That’s where I know him from.”

“Yes. He’s the guitarist for Stage Dive. Well spotted.”

The David Ferris. He’d been on Lauren’s bedroom wall for years. Granted, he had to be the last person I’d expect to wake up to, on a bathroom floor or otherwise. But how the hell could I not have recognized him? “That’s how he could afford the ring.”

“What ring?”

Shuffling further down in the seat, I fished the monster out of my jeans pocket and brushed off the lint and fluff. The diamond glittered accusingly in the bright light of day.

Lauren started shaking beside me, muffled laughter escaping her lips. “Mother of God, it’s huuuuge!”

“I know.”

“No, seriously.”

“I know.”

“Fuck me. I think I’m about to pee myself,” she squeed, fanning her face and bouncing up and down on the car seat. “Look at it!”

“Lauren, stop. We can’t both be freaking out. That won’t work.”

“Right. Sorry.” She cleared her throat, visibly struggling to get herself back under control. “How much is that even worth?”

“I really don’t want to guess.”

“That. Is. Insane.”

We both stared at my bling in awed silence.

Suddenly Lauren started bopping up and down in her seat again like a kid riding a sugar high. “I know! Let’s sell it and go backpacking in Europe. Hell, we could probably circle the globe a couple of times on that sucker. Imagine it.”

“We can’t,” I said, as tempting as it sounded. “I’ve got to get it back to him somehow. I can’t keep this.”

“Pity.” She grinned. “So, congratulations. You’re married to a rock star.”

I tucked the ring back into my pocket. “Thanks. What the hell am I going to do?”

“I honestly don’t know.” She shook her head at me, her eyes full of wonder. “You’ve exceeded all of my expectations. I wanted you to let your hair down a little. Get a life and give mankind another chance. But this is a whole new level of crazy you’ve ascended to. Do you really have a tattoo?”


“Of his name?”

I sighed and nodded.

“Where, might I enquire?”

I shut my eyes tight. “My left butt cheek.”

Lauren lost it, laughing so hard that tears started streaming down her face.




To continue reading, find links to selected book retailers via the book page here.

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And the winning vampire is…

Posted June 28, 2013 by Anne

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To celebrate the release of Adina West‘s Dark Child Omnibus in print, we asked you to tell us your favourite pop culture vampire inspiration for a chance to win a copy of the book. 

I’m happy to announce that Adina picked Elana Bowman as the winner. Elana will receive a signed paperback copy of the Dark Child Omnibus. Her winning answer is below. Everyone else who entered will be receiving a digital copy of the Dark Child Omnibus for their efforts – thank you all!


My favourite vampire inspiration was Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) in Interview with the Vampire based on Anne Rice’s novel.

I was fascinated by her un vampire like looks – her gorgeous golden curly hair, pale white skin and the way her vampire ‘fathers’ dressed her like a doll. I didn’t know anything about vampires when I saw this movie and the scene where Claudia struggles with the fact, that she would never grow up and never would become a woman made me understand the supernatural elements and the immortal elements of being a vampire.

She acted out and killed in anger and made a woman into a vampire to become her ‘mother’ just in case one of her ‘fathers’ remarried – I was very intrigued by her humanness and all the issues that little girls (who should be growing up and becoming women) have to face.

I wouldn’t say I’m inspired exactly, was just very intrigued by the portrayal of the characters from the book. They read, were chivalrous and graceful, lived well in society and had such a humanness to them …oh and they killed!

dark child 1-3

For more information on Adina West or the Dark Child Omnibus, click through.

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Favourite pop culture vampires

Posted June 25, 2013 by Anne

We had a lot of excellent entrants in our Adina West print book giveaway, so I thought I’d highlight some of the most popular. I asked for your favourite vampire inspiration, be it in books, movies or television, and you definitely made the judging difficult. But looking for illustrative decoration was easy.

Eric Northman, the Sookie Stackhouse series

images (46)

“I’d have to say Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman in True Blood! Perfect casting and just overall yummy.”

(Pretty happy they chose to give him a haircut for season 2, actually.)

Blade Trinity

images (47)

“The best Blade is Blade Trinity. Jessica Biel amazing, Ryan Reynolds super muscles. I don’t remember anything else.”

Lestat, Interview with a Vampire series

images (45)

“Lestat de Lioncourt from The Queen of the Damned movie – definitely not the Tom Cruise incarnation.”

Bram Stoker’s Dracula 

download (25)“It’s got to be Bram Stoker’s Dracula – the book and the film. This is classic source material – dark, scary, sexy and surreal. Oh and then there’s Gary Oldman.”

Claudia, Interview with a Vampire series

images (44)

“I was fascinated by her un vampire like looks – her gorgeous golden curly hair, pale white skin and the way her vampire ‘fathers’ dressed her like a doll. I didn’t know anything about vampires when I saw this movie and the scene where Claudia struggles with the fact, that she would never grow up and never would become a woman made me understand the supernatural elements and the immortal elements of being a vampire.”

Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

images (48)“While Angel was the original vampire leading man, Spike was the best – the baddest bad boy vampire. No wonder Buffy fell for him.”

Strangely no one nominated Edward Cullen from Twilight, but I suppose that makes sense because Joel wasn’t allowed to enter.

The winner of our Adina West print book giveaway will be announced tomorrow morning, once Adina has made a final decision, so stay tuned! For more information on the Dark Child Omnibus, click here.

dark child 1-3

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Talk to me about vampires

Posted June 20, 2013 by Anne

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Adina West has been talking about a potential sequel to Dark Child over at her blog recently. EXCITEMENT.

Author Adina West

So for added encouragement, I thought I might give away a paper copy of the Dark Child Omnibus.

9781743341834_Dark Child_cover

Just email with your name and address, and tell me your favourite vampire inspiration for a chance to win. It could be a book, television series or movie, just tell me why you made that particular choice. Make sure you put Paper Adina West in the subject line. The giveaway is open to anyone around the world and will close on Monday 24 June.

For more info about Dark Child or Adina, click here.


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Buy Waveman and get a free book!

Posted May 1, 2012 by Mark

Featured blog image

Part memoir, part travel journal, part leadership manual, Waveman has been described by Peter FitzSimons of the Sydney Morning Herald as a “tour de force!”

Robert Redenbach takes us on an extraordinary journey from a small town in country Victoria through the jungles of Malaysia, the townships of South Africa and Baghdad’s Red Zone. Along the way he brushes up against Nelson Mandela, the FBI and an assortment of larger-than-life characters.

The first 50 people to purchase a copy of Waveman will receive a bonus hard-copy of Rob Redenbach’s internationally acclaimed Self Defence in 30 Seconds!

To qualify: purchase an ebook copy of Waveman, then email your postal address along with a copy of your receipt. If you’re one of the first 50, we’ll post you a free copy of Self Defence in 30 Seconds!

This offer is available to Australian residents only. 

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