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The Five Stages of Falling in Love with Ebooks

Posted August 20, 2015 by Momentum

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You never want to give up your beautiful, beautiful books.

Stage One: Curiosity

You get an e-reader and some e-books. Maybe you borrow one from a friend, maybe you already had a tablet, and you don’t want to carry a pile of books on a long trip. Maybe you are just curious, and want to see what all the fuss is about. But, you insist to yourself, your heart still lies with physical book. You’ll never want to give up your beautiful library.

Pixels can never compare to that smell!

Stage Two: Denial

There’s a small voice in the back of your head saying that this ebook thing isn’t so bad. You ignore it, and you focus on all the things you love so much about physical books. They way the paper feels. The smell. Oh the smell! Nothing compares to the smell of a book, you tell yourself. You think about buying perfume so you too can smell as good as a book.

You enjoy it, but you still don't quite trust it...

You enjoy it, but you still don’t quite trust it…

Stage Three: More Denial

You find yourself reading more and more book on your ereader. You don’t tell people how much you like it, and you still carry around an old paperback “just in case.” You make jokes about how real books don’t need to be recharged, while anxiously hoping your ereader isn’t dead so you can finish the book you started yesterday. You start realizing how much you love adjusting the font size, the page color, and the brightness.

You could never bring this many books with you before!

Stage Four: Assimilation

You realize resistance is futile. You love your ereader, and you want it to be a part of your life. You take it everywhere with you, and you start telling everyone about how nice it is to carry hundreds of books in your pocket. You think about getting your grandmother one for her birthday.

They’ll have to bury you with this thing.

Stage Five: Happily Ever After

Your ereader is fully a part of your life. It usually isn’t far from your hand, just in case you have a spare moment to read. Maybe you’ll never give up your bookshelves, and there will always be books you prefer to read in their physical form, but ebooks are taking up more and more of your reading time. You realize that there’s room in your heart for both ebooks and regular books, and that anything that helps you read more is a good thing.


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Where do you get your great ideas? A Brief Chat with Harry Ledowsky

Posted February 14, 2014 by Mark

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1. What is your daily writing routine?

I’m an early morning guy, start about 7- 7.30 and finish around 12-12.30

2. Name some books or authors that have influenced you.

Frederick Forsyth, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum and John Grisham. I’ve always liked stories, that although fiction, could actually happen.

3. Why should people read Lethal Metal?

Because it’s a story inspired on an actual event and involves the greatest submarine disaster the Russian Nuclear fleet history the sinking of the Kursk, a Russian Mafia boss and an al Qaeda terrorist. It’s set in Murmansk the biggest city in the Arctic circle and the home of the Russian Nuclear submarine fleet at a time when the Russian military machine is in desperate decline, where a terrorist buys nuclear material to make a bomb and is hunted. A scary scenario and one that could actually be playing out somewhere right now.

4. What do you hope readers take from your book?

First and foremost I hope that they enjoy it. I write to entertain and involve and am not interested in sending any sort of social or political message. If the pace leaves them breathless and they can’t put the book down then I think I’ve done my job.

5. What are you currently reading?

“The Good Food Guide” for 2014. Silly I know but I’ve several family events on the horizon and need to be prepared. As far as a novel is concerned nothing. I’m taking a break from writing & reading and giving my brain a rest. Although late last year I read “The Killing of Osama Bin Laden”, “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Why Nations go to War” Normally it’s the daily papers and car mags….. not very high brow stuff really.

6. Where do you get your ideas?

Ideas are everywhere all you need to do is look around, that’s one thing I’ve never had a problem with. That’s probably why I was reasonably successful in adverting for thirty years. Writing three hundred pages is where the hard work is, the ideas aren’t. Right now I’ve enough ideas for another three books.

Lethal Metal is available from 25 February 2014. Click here to preorder from your preferred ebook retailer. 

About Harry Ledowsky

Harry Ledowsky is one of Australia’s most awarded Creative Directors and has been a judge on every major Advertising Award in Australia. Creator of “Oils Ain’t Oils” for Castrol, “Aussie Cossie” for Speedo, “Happy Joe Happy” for the NRMA and “The Bundy Bear” for Bundaberg Rum. He was National Creative Director and head of the Worldwide Creative Directors for Young & Rubicam and was named as “the second most outstanding individual in Advertising” by the Financial Review. He has won over 150 National & International Advertising Awards and been nominated to the Australian Advertising Hall of Fame, who said he was: “A master of drama, pathos and humour….

Having retired from the ad industry he now presents the Morning show on 99.3 Northside Radio.

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Merchandising Momentum

Posted June 19, 2013 by Anne

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I think I’ve just solved the “but how do I get my favourite author’s signature in the age of digital books?” problem.

Rather than using the fancy software that has been developed specifically for the purpose, or getting out the engraving equipment, I have a much better solution.

Author merchandise. Why not? Everyone else in the entertainment business does it, why not authors? So here are merchandise suggestions for some of Momentum’s authors.

Kylie Scott – for post-apocalyptic romance novels Flesh and Skin

images (42)

It has to be a range of Kylie-endorsed shotguns doesn’t it? The opening lines of Flesh say it all;

53 days post-apocalypse

Daniel looked down the barrel of the shotgun all set to blow his brains out and grinned. These days, even a gun-toting, trigger-happy female was a delight to behold, and she was perfect.

Sunlight streamed in through the kitchen window. She all but shone with it, like an angel or a princess or something. Something a little overdue for a bath and a lot on edge, but something very good just the same. The feeling of sweet relief rushing through him nearly buckled his knees.

Tall and curvy, around thirty at a guess, and uninfected, she was by far the best thing he had ever seen in jeans and a t-shirt. Not even the dried blood splattered on the wall behind her could diminish the picture she made.


Nathan M Farrugia – Fifth Colum series The Chimera Vector and The Seraphim Sequence


Bakery treats, starting of course with Red Velvet Cupcakes. Okay so the re-sale value on these might depreciate fairly rapidly but you could always replenish your stocks regularly.

The General raised an eyebrow. ‘You intend to redeploy malfunctioning operatives into the field? Are you begging for a repeat of yesterday?’

‘Sir, operatives are programmed so they are unable to inflict self-harm, which includes removing their RFIDs. The fact that Sophia was able to remove hers and thereby remove the others’ strongly suggests it’s her programming that has malfunctioned. The rest of her team were simply following orders.’

Denton wouldn’t know for sure whether Sophia had removed Damien’s and Jay’s RFIDs as well as her own until he questioned them during reprogramming. But the General didn’t need to know that.

‘Like you said,’ he continued, ‘collateral damage. And at 200 million apiece, I know you wouldn’t want to waste them.’

The General might have smiled ever so slightly, but Denton couldn’t be sure. It was good enough. He lifted the small paper box from his lap and placed it on the desk.

‘I baked them this morning,’ he said, and opened the lid to reveal half a dozen red velvet mini-cupcakes piped with cream cheese.

The General glared at him, but reached over to inspect them. ‘Just one.’

He didn’t eat it, but placed it in his topmost desk drawer—a drawer already populated with cupcakes Denton had brought on previous visits.


Jane Tara – the magical Shakespeare Sister series including Forecast and Trouble Brewing

images (43)

In Trouble Brewing Calypso is renowned for her cocktail-mixing prowess – a line of Shakespeare Sisters spirits would be ideal. We’d start with gin, vodka and tequila, and branch out from there.

Calypso Shakespeare’s green eyes gazed deep into his brown ones. “What is it you want from me?”

“I just need you to give me what you gave the others.”

“I can’t do that. Everyone is different.”

He looked at her with such despair. “My heart … it’s …”

Calypso reached out and touched his arm lightly. “It’s okay. You’ll get through this. I’ll make sure you do.”

She was still for a moment, her skin translucent in the dim light; those incredible cat eyes intense as she searched the ethers for the answer.

She turned to him. “Her name was Mary.” A statement more than a question.

His eyes nearly fell out of his head. “Yes … Mary.”

“Bloody Mary! How dare she treat you like that!” She sprang to life and began to mix: vodka, tomato juice, a splash of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco. She grabbed a lemon, deftly sliced it in half and gave it a quick squeeze. Her hand slipped into a jar and returned with a pinch of something that smelt of August rain. Her lips moved slightly, an incantation, as she sprinkled it into the glass.

trouble_brewing_jane_tara (1)

Let me know if you have any author merchandise suggestions for your favourite authors. Perhaps a line of Jonathan Franzen spectacles, or E.L. James-endorsed whips?


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Podmentum 7: The Bingeing on First World Problems Episode

Posted February 15, 2013 by Anne

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On this week’s Podmentum we talk about the idea of reselling used ebooks, bingeing on books and television, and then the Macquarie Dictionary publisher joins us to talk about the Word of the Year.

Topic 1 Amazon second hand ebook patent

Amazon has received a patent for a system for selling “pre-owned” digital files, opening the way for a secondary market in ebooks

Publisher’s Weekly

“Amazon’s business model has long been dependent on resellers of used books and other merchandise. But a U.S. patent that Amazon Technologies in Reno, Nev., received last week indicates that the mega-retailer has its sights on digital resale, including used e-books and audio downloads. According to the abstract, Amazon will be able to create a secondary market for used digital objects purchased from an original vendor by a user and stored in a user’s personalized data store.

Boston-based ReDigi opened the first marketplace for pre-owned digital music, which it launched in late 2011, Once a lawsuit that Capitol Records filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan over the way it handles music downloads is behind it, ReDigi plans to expand into e-books and other digital items. In a press release issued yesterday, ReDigi commented that “the Amazon patent is further proof that the secondary market is the future of the digital space and that there is no turning back.”

Gizmodo article

Motherboard article that so angered Joel (tell us why)

Topic 2 Serialisation

With the Netflix series House of Cards being the talk of the entertainment world for the past couple of weeks, we thought we’d take the chance to talk about how the consumption of content is changing. While TV used to be serialized and consumed in episodic chunks, the trend is now to binge-watch whole series. On the other hand, where we used to read a whole novel in a sitting, publishers are now experimenting with serialized novels in the time-honoured tradition of Charles Dickens.

John Scalzi – The Human Division (episodic narrative) 13 episodes

Alison Rushby – The Heiresses (new adult serial with St Martin’s Press)

“‘An e-serial is a series of digital-only discrete dramatic novella-length “episodes” that advance an overall “season” narrative arc through 4-6 installments, published at regular intervals at a low price. We are conceptualizing e-serials as a loose bridge between a full length novel and a TV show. An e-serial episode is analogous to a one hour drama, one installment of a season of dramas.’

In other words, think Downton Abbey, but in serialized digital book form! Yay!”

Adina WestDark Child 

Mark Z. Danielewski – serial novel The Familiar (beginning in 2014) 27 volumes, first 10 to be published by Pantheon in 3-4 month increments

“’Volume’ speaks to it being a little different from a standard trade paperback book,” Danielewski said by phone Monday. “I can’t write something that takes months and months to read if we’re releasing one every three or four months. It’s possible that [our publishing] schedule could be accelerated. We’re constantly open to new ideas — where will we be in 2014? Maybe digital releases every week, every few months a trade paperback or hardcover. The novel is designed to accommodate, anticipate various platforms.”

Topic 3 Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year

The Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year for 2012 was announced last week, and the winner was “Phantom Vibration Syndrome”. We have the Macquarie editor Sue Butler in to have a chat with us about the dictionary and how they go about naming their word of the year.


Anne – Medium, and Connor O’Brien on twitter

Mark – The Magicians by Lev Grossman

Joel – Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

This episode of Podmentum is brought to you by Kylie Scott’s Skin


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My Recovery: Eating Disorder Survivors and Experts weigh in

Posted August 28, 2012 by Anne

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Testimonials are coming in thick and fast for Julie Parker‘s forthcoming My Recovery: Inspiring Stories, Recovery Tips And Messages Of Hope From Eating Disorder Survivors.

“Recovery from an eating disorder can seem confusing and distant. My Recovery brings you closer. Through the hopeful and from-the-heart stories of individuals who’ve been there, My Recovery reveals what recovery looks like. It features valuable insights and tools for recovering from eating disorders and leading a healthy and fulfilling life. This beautiful book has a powerful message that everyone needs to hear: Eating disorders are devastating, serious illnesses. But recovery, while personal, difficult and far from linear, is absolutely possible for everyone. I highly recommend reading My Recovery. It’s one of those books you’ll keep turning to and want to share with others. ”

– Margarita Tartakovsky, Weightless

“My Recovery is brilliant. It’s beautifully written and clearly articulates how different everyone’s journey through illness and wellness is. Treatment cannot be a one-size approach because just like the illness, recovery comes in all shapes and sizes and what works for one person may not work for someone else. All patients, families and treating professionals should read My Recovery.  It’s emotional, hopeful and most importantly, inspiring. For those of us in the thick of the illness, it shed a little light and some hope that there is an end in sight.”

– Ella (in recovery)

“My Recovery will be wonderful resource for people with eating disorders and their loved ones. Hopeful and positive, yet realistic, the powerful message that “Recovery from an eating disorder is possible” comes through in each survivor’s story.”

– Jane Cawley, Maudsley Parents

“As always, Julie’s words are given with kindness, care and compassion. The gift in this book is that it will gently accompany the reader on their own journey of transformation and blossoming. I am sure this book will be of great comfort and empower the many who read it.”

Grace McClure

To read more about My Recovery, or to pre-order the book, click here.

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