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Dark Child Uncovered

Posted December 21, 2012 by Anne

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The first instalment of Adina West‘s Dark Child will be released on the 1st of February 2013, but in the meantime we can reveal the beautiful covers for the first two episodes.

You can preorder the first two episodes now, and watch this space for excerpts.


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Revealing some Skin

Posted December 10, 2012 by Anne

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Joel sent this cover to me on Friday to upload but I only got around to looking at it this morning. And now I need some time to recover. So, in the meantime, enjoy some Skin.

Here are the opening lines, just in case you missed them last week:

In the end they took a vote on whether or not to trade Roslyn to the stranger at the gate. They even gave her a say, demonstrating democracy was not dead even if civilisation had gone belly up six months back when the virus first struck.

All nine survivors gathered on the school steps. The weak winter sun above them did little to combat the bitter wind. Her marrow was ice and her teeth chattered. She wanted to wrap her arms around herself, huddle down into the green school jacket she’d purloined out of a student locker. But she didn’t. Spine straight, shoulders back. Her father would have been proud.

She cleared her throat. No one would meet her eyes. They couldn’t do this and she would explain why in a sensible and rational manner using as many small words as deemed necessary. “I know we’re running low on food, but there’s no reason why we can’t make a trip into town to look for supplies. If we just make a plan-”

“Let’s get on with this,” said Neil, former head of the Maths Department. Still pissed she had refused to put out. Never had she met such a pretentious, unattractive git. “A raise of hands for ‘yea’.”

Her gaze skittered around the group.

Some hedged, but the hands were definitely there, six of them.

Skin will be out in February 2013, but in the meantime you can catch up with the world of Flesh with Room with a View.

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Bringing Back Pulp Fiction Cover Design

Posted July 19, 2012 by Anne

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I’ve recently become utterly obsessed with old pulp fiction novel covers thanks to this website, and am now on a mission to convince Joel that all of our book covers should resemble pulp novels from the 1950s. So in the spirit of my crusade, here are my purely hypothetical suggestions for some of the existing books on our list.

Casting Couch Confidential

The White

Okay yes I know this is from the opposite pole but just pretend that polar bear is a penguin.

Painting Naked

The Power Within


The Last City

Willie’s Bar and Grill

The Beginning of Everything and the End of Everything Else

Chopper 1: From the Inside

Thanks to Andrew Nette for the inspiration. You should follow him on twitter, he is tops.

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