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Review a book – live FOREVER!

Posted January 21, 2015 by Michelle Cameron

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Do you get a thrill when you see a character with the same name as you? And then dream that you are them and make everyone refer to you only by their rank/kitsch nickname? And only really find people of the opposite sex attractive if they share the name of your fictional counterparts SO? …no? huh.

Well, in any case, it would be super awesome if a character was actually named after you, right? Right. Lucky for you then, that our author Duncan Lay is currently holding a review competition where the prize is exactly this! Details below.


The Last Quarrrel Episode 1 is out on January 22, with each of the four subsequent episodes released a fortnight after the first. And Duncan has almost finished the first draft of book two of the series, The Bloody Quarrel. There are five characters who are currently nameless in this book.

Now, he could go online and grab some random names for them – or you could have your name given to one of them. All you have to do is review one or more episodes of The Last Quarrel on one of the many sites available – or review it on all of them!

Send Duncan the link, either through his website or via the email address on his blog and let us know which of the following characters you might be interested in having named after yourself.

NOTE: We’re not looking for the most suck-worthy review but instead the more intelligent ones. So, if you like the idea of playing a pivotal part in the next book in the series, get reading, get reviewing and let Duncan know!

Characters in need of an awesome name:

1) Secret agent of the crown (female/male)
2) A Boluk-bashi (captain) of the Kotterman army (male)
3) A Courbaci (Colonel) of the Kottermna army (male)
4) A harbour lookout (male/female)
5) An angry mother (female)

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Best Dad Jokes – Win a Father’s Day Book Bundle!

Posted September 5, 2014 by Momentum

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Do you like DAD JOKES? At Momentum, we love dad jokes. Jokes that make you roll your eyes and say ‘Daaaaaaaaad’ and then you get on your skateboard and go and hang out with Samantha.

Because we love DAD JOKES so much, we’re offering a bundle of books to anyone who gives us an excellent dad joke in the comments. Look at all the amazing books you could win:





9781743340332_Chimera Vector_cover






So just leave your favourite dad joke and your email, and you too could win!

This competition is closed as of Monday 8th September, congrats to the winners!


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Win: The Bold and the Beautiful Novellas

Posted January 23, 2014 by Mark

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Want to read The Bold and the Beautiful novellas before anyone else? Forbidden Affair and Collision Course aren’t available until next Tuesday, but we’re giving away ebook copies of both stories to ten fans.

To win, all you have to do is email and answer this question:

Which character from The Bold and the Beautiful would you want to marry and why?

Use “BOLD” in the subject heading and be sure to include your name alongside your entry. Winners will be contacted via email by 5pm Friday AEST, so get those entries in quick! Click the links to the right to read more about these fantastic novellas.



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Around the world in 24 hours

Posted July 1, 2013 by Mark

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Graham Storrs, author of Timesplash and True Path: Timesplash Book 2 is going around the world to promote his books. Is he flying? Sailing? Walking? Driving? No.

He’s TWEETING! I’ll allow him to explain:

“Three years ago on the day of the launch of Timesplash, I did the world’s first 24-hour round-the-world non-stop Twitter tour. As I explained it at the time:

OK. This is going to sound crazy but here’s how it will work. From 7pm to 8pm New York time, I will be tweeting about the book to everybody in the GMT-5hrs timezone. This includes all of Eastern USA, about a quarter of Canada, plus Cuba, Peru, Ecuador and the Bahamas.

As 8pm strikes, I will move west by one timezone, to GMT-6 hours, where it will again be 7pm. I’ll be jumping backwards in time! This first jump puts me in another chunk of Canada and the USA, and includes most of Mexico along with El Salvador, Costa Rica and so on. I’ll be tweeting at those guys until 8pm too. Then I move west again.

Each hour I move on, going steadily westward over the next 24 hours until I’m in the GMT-4 hours timezone between 7pm and 8pm the next day (talking to Chile, Peru, parts of Brazil and a teensy bit of Canada, among others.) What this means is that, wherever you live in the world, at 7 – 8pm* … I’ll be tweeting at you . For me, it will be 24hours of it being 7 – 8 pm!

Of course, some hours may be quieter than others. At GMT-1 and -2, I’ll be in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. GMT+7 will find me in the frozen wastes of central Russia. GMT+10 to +8 should be relatively lively though as I cross Australia (along with Japan, China and another chunk of Russia).

And now I’m about to do the same thing to mark the worldwide launch of True Path, the sequel to Timesplash, and a time travel thriller that deserves at least as much madness as its predecessor. And, besides, that jumping back in time thing is just so utterly appropriate.

9781743342640_True-Path_coverI know it sounds crazy and I’m painfully aware that everyone I’ve tried to explain it to has either failed to understand it, or failed to see why anyone would want to do such a thing. And, of course, any tweets I make will be visible to the whole world at once, not confined to a single timezone. But I’m launching an ebook here. It will be available to everyone on the Internet who can access the major online bookshops. And that’s nearly everybody in the whole darned world! Sitting in the bookshop in the local mall signing bookmarks (or whatever) seems far too limited in scope for what is really happening. So I want to visit everywhere in the world, for just one hour, to say hello and to tell people about my book.

9781743342176_Timesplash_coverThe tours starts at 7pm in GMT-5 on 1st July (which is 8am on 2nd July here in Brisbane!) I hope you’ll indulge me by being around at 7pm to 8pm your local time* to give me a wave as I pass through your town. I’ll be using the hashtag #truepath if you’d like to drop in at any time to see how I’m getting on.”



Follow Graham Storrs on Twitter @graywave

Visit Graham Storrs at his website 



If you buy True Path and post a review on Amazon or Goodreads before Graham finishes his Twitter tour, you could win Momentum’s ENTIRE sci-fi and fantasy backlist. Here is a picture of the books you could win:


So, follow Graham, use the hashtag #truepath and try to finish the book before Graham finishes the tour.

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Immortalise your name in space!

Posted April 12, 2013 by Mark

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Aurora: Darwin is a new sci-fi action novel from debut author Amanda Bridgeman. To celebrate the release of this awesome book, we’re giving you the chance name a star!

If you win, you can name the star after yourself, your favourite pet or anything else you can think of. You’ll receive a certificate confirming the registration, and a starchart that shows you where your star is located.

All you need to do to go in the running for this prize is pre-order Aurora: Darwin before May 1, 2013 and then send a screenshot or receipt to with the subject heading “Aurora: Darwin preorder.”

And, even better, Aurora: Darwin is only $2.99 to pre-order!

9781743342336_Aurora_coverA distress signal on the edge of inhabited space. A mission that is far outside normal parameters. Two very different people with one common goal – survival.

When a distress signal is received from a black-ops space station on the edge of inhabited space, Captain Saul Harris of the UNF Aurora is called in from leave to respond. But the mission is not what it seems. Female members of the United National Forces have not been allowed to travel into the outer zones before, but Harris is ordered to take three new female recruits.

For Corporal Carrie Welles, one of the Aurora‘s new recruits, her first mission in space seems like a dream come true. Determined to achieve the success of her father before her, and suddenly thrust into a terrifying mission, she must work with her new captain and the strained Aurora crew to make it home alive.

When the Aurora arrives at the station Harris and Welles soon find themselves caught up in a desperate fight for survival. Station Darwin is not what they expected. The lights are off. But somebody is home.

Click here to preorder Aurora:Darwin for only $2.99 from your preferred retailer







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Name a rock band, live forever

Posted March 21, 2013 by Anne

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Kylie Scott has started writing a new series, and we need your help.

After the success of her post-apocalyptic erotic romance novels Flesh and Skin, Kylie decided she needed to clear her head with some music. So she’s writing a book set in the world of rock.

How can you help? We need a name for the band in the book. Give us your suggestions on Twitter (with the hashtag #stagedive), Facebook (in the comments of the competition post) or in the comments below.


To give you an idea of what kind of name we’re looking for, this is how Kylie describes the band she has created for the new book:

The band is four guys who started a garage band back in their high school days and made it big in their early twenties after years of being the warm-up act. In my mind they’re an Eskimo Joe, Kings of Leon, The White Stripes mash up.


Kylie’s favourite band name will win, and your prize? The inclusion of not just your band name in the new book, but also your very own name on one of the innocent bystanders in the book (we’d say you’ll be ‘red-shirted’ but you likely won’t be fictionally killed), and a copy of both Flesh and Skin ebooks.

You can enter as many times as you like, up until 5pm next Thursday, the 28th of April. The winner will be announced the following week.


For some Kylie-related inspiration, have a look at Flesh and Skin.


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And your prize is death

Posted February 21, 2013 by Anne

Yesterday we ran a competition to receive a copy of Stalin’s Hammer: Rome by asking what you think John Birmingham drinks while he’s on deadline. John’s actually on several deadlines at the moment, so I was hoping for some pretty spectacular answers. We had an early favourite with Michael T on Twitter;

But a winner appeared at the very last minute on Facebook. JB also offered a very special prize of his own, and while the above runner up will be receiving a copy of Stalin’s Hammer: Rome, the winner (below) will be receiving both a copy of the book and he will be “redshirted” in one of JB’s upcoming books. (Best prize ever, omg.)

So without further ado, JB’s carefully-selected victim is:

Congratulation to the winners, I’ll be in touch to get your books to you.

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Nathan M Farrugia crossing the genres with Dark Matter

Posted May 4, 2012 by Anne

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Head on over to Dark Matter for Nathan M Farrugia‘s thoughts on reading and writing in genre fiction. While you’re there have a look at their competition page – they’re giving away a copy of The Chimera Vector

“There’s something about crossing genres that scares people. No one knows quite what to do with them, how to sell them, how to market them, how to read them. So it’s strange in a way for me to write The Chimera Vector. It’s a thriller that’s science fiction but isn’t. I guess you could say it’s a techno-thriller that teeters on the edge of sci-fi.”

Read on here.

For more on The Chimera Vector, step this way.

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