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Meet Chris Allen at Dymocks Sydney

Posted February 16, 2016 by Momentum

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 Chris Allen will be doing a special  “Meet the Author” event and book signing at Dymocks Sydney on the evening of Thursday 25 February, in conversation with the man who inspired the character of Dave Sutherland, from the Intrepid series!


In anticipation of the event at Dymocks Sydney we’ve asked ‘Dave Sutherland’ a few questions…

1. How does it feel to have a character loosely based on you in the Intrepid action thriller series?

Of course I feel flattered to have a character based on me, particularly given Sutherland’s heroic deeds, after all Chris could have woven my persona into one of Lundt’s henchmen, or worse, Arena Halls 🙂

2. How did you and Chris meet anyway?

Well it’s a bit of a ‘birds of a feather’ story really. Our paths were inexplicably crossing over a number of years with people strangely asking us individually if we knew the other –  we hadn’t actually met. Then we came face-to-face, the penny dropped, and we’ve been great mates ever since.

3. After what happened to Dave Sutherland in AVENGER… I mean, what did you think when you read that one?

Devastated!! Chris copped it over that, and anyway I refuse to believe it…I mean,  did anyone actually see or recover the body?

4. Who should play you, I mean, Dave Sutherland, in the movie series?

I thought maybe Daniel Craig. but not sure if he’s tough enough so then I thought maybe Henry Cavill, but he is too young and probably not good looking enough, so I guess I’d settle with Jason Stratham with a little more combat training. Food for thought…?!

Sounds like this is just a warm up for the event on the night. There will be a book signing of Hunter the new reformatted, redesigned paperback. There might be a beer to enjoy afterwards too!

RSVP is essential – please check all the event details below:


Date: Thursday 25 February 2016
Time: 6:00pm
Venue: Dymocks Sydney, 424 – 430 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Cost: Free, but RSVPs are essential
Bookings: Please email to RSVP

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Hunter…a year on

Posted December 1, 2013 by Chris Allen

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You know, it’s with a deep sense of melancholy that I put pen to paper today while I reflect on the first twelve months of Hunter.

As any writer knows, much of our work is drawn from inspirations around us, people and things we know, admire or even in some cases despise. Of particular note for me today, I am remembering an actor whose portrayal of a tough, no-bullshit, hard hitting ex-soldier made such a lasting impression on me as a young man that his signature character eventually became the foundation for my principal protagonist, the tough, no-bullshit, hard hitting ex-soldier – Alex Morgan.

The actor I am talking about is Lewis Collins who played Bodie alongside Martin Shaw’s Doyle in that iconic British crime drama of the late 70’s/early 80s The Professionals. Lewis, a former Parachute Regiment reservist in real life, went on to play another incredible character, Captain Peter Skellern, in a film called Who Dares Wins in 1982 and also auditioned for James Bond after Roger Moore’s retirement. Unfortunately, the Bond producer’s found him to be ‘too aggressive’ and cast Pierce Brosnan instead. Bollocks, Personally, I would have much preferred Lewis Collins[1].

Sadly, I learned today that Lewis has died at the age of just 67 following a five year battle with cancer. So, in memory of Lewis Collins and the influence he had on my development of Alex Morgan I dedicate these few humble reflections on the first twelve months of Hunter.

A year ago today (pretty much), we pressed the green light for Hunter, the second Alex Morgan adventure.

Since then, both books – Defender & Hunter – have hit the best-seller lists, clocked up an encouraging 4.7 star average on Amazon US, UK and OZ, and my incredibly loyal readers – the ‘Defenders’ as we like to call them, have been hammering me over when book number 3 will be coming out. In addition, the film and TV rights to my Intrepid series have been optioned, I’ve been to Hollywood and London talking all things Morgan and Intrepid, I’ve spoken at the Sydney Writers’ Festival and the NSW Writers’ Centre, and I’m scheduled to appear at the Perth Writers Festival in 2014. There have been magazine articles, US radio interviews and even book signings on National Bookshop Day. Bloody hell, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’m driving around in the latest model Aston Martin by now – complete with kids car seats for my two boys. Now, although we’re not quite there yet, I definitely feel like we’re heading in the right direction.

One thing I know for sure is that when you have a very clear view of what success looks like for you then you absolutely must remain committed to achieving it. At times, as with anything in life, various obstacles or distractions may get in your way or irritate you. The trick is not to become consumed by those things. The more I talk to other writers it is apparent that you just have to believe in your own work while supporting and encouraging others as they strive to achieve their personal goals. I have had the great pleasure of getting to know a number of incredibly talented Australian writers over the past year, including some of our own Momentum stars like Luke Preston, Nathan Farrugia and Kylie Scott. Everyone has their own journey to go on and it’s really been enlightening to share at least part of the trip with such incredibly supportive and talented colleagues.

The thing that has been most important to me has been building a strong team who share the vision I have for not only the Intrepid series but also an all new series I’ll be talking more about in 2014. Nothing ever happens overnight. There is inevitably a great deal of background and hard work behind every page and volume and, equally so, a great number of people behind the scenes who have been supporting and encouraging writers along the way. I have been blessed by an amazing team. I’m not going to single anyone out here but you all know who you are. Although, thank you doesn’t quite cut it. My gratitude is immeasurable.

Going forward, 2014 is going to be all about expanding the global reach of Alex Morgan and Intrepid. It’s a really exciting time and I couldn’t be more energised by it.

Meanwhile, I’d like to pay my greatest respect and thanks to my readers. If they say that in space no-one can hear you scream, the same could be imagined of a book that’s never picked up and therefore never read. Since the very beginning of this journey I’ve had some really hardcore supporters from around the world who have taken a chance on my work and, thankfully, loved it. I’m greatly indebted to everybody who has taken the time to pick up one of my books. It’s a real privilege for me to now be putting pen to paper on Morgan’s third and, to date, most challenging adventure, knowing that I have to surpass the expectations of those loyal readers who have been so vocal in their demands for me to finish it!

So, thank you everyone for joining in on the action over the past year. I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed Hunter and, of course, Defender. I hope that they will remain favourites that you’ll pick up and re-read from time to time throughout your life.

Finally, thank you to Lewis Collins who, without knowing it, played such an important role in the creation, development and evolution on Alex Morgan.

I’m sure Bodie and Morgan would have been great mates and would have shared many a rowdy pint down at the Red Lion.

All the very best, Chris

[1] As we all know, despite beginning principal photography for the film that would become The Living Daylights, Pierce Brosnan was subsequently obliged to step down from the role due to his commitments to Remington Steele. The Bond franchise people eventually re-cast Timothy Dalton whose – short lived – portrayal of Bond was considered by many to be ironically ‘too aggressive’.



To celebrate a year of Hunter, we’re giving away five packs of Alex Morgan ebooks. Simply send your name and email address to with ‘Hunter’ in the subject line for your chance to win. 


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What have our authors been up to this week?

Posted November 22, 2013 by Mark

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Amanda Bridgeman has been designing graphics to go along with her Aurora series


Chris Allen has been offering himself up as a prize to celebrate the launch of Amazon Australia


Annika Cleeve has been wondering what her life would have been like without being a sex worker


Luke Preston has been pretending to be Cormac McCarthy


S.A. Gordon has been having too much fun with photos from Parliament


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Summer Book Excerpts – Hunter: Intrepid Book 2 by Chris Allen

Posted November 17, 2013 by Mark

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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to load up your ereader with some escapist reads! Here’s an excerpt from Hunter by Chris Allen, book 2 of the international spy series, Intrepid:

Finally, with just a gasp left in his rapidly failing lungs, blood streaming from a deep gash above his left eye and the physical exertion of the affray threatening to conquer him, Morgan reached for the SIG Sauer P226. The big man’s massive thumbs were closing down on the Intrepid agent’s windpipe with the power, precision and finality of a hydraulic press. A victor’s grin split the man’s battered features. Morgan could sense rather than feel himself lifting the SIG the last agonizing fraction of an inch clear of the thigh holster. But his fingers were numbing. There was no power in his hands. The oxygen supply to his limbs had depleted. He fumbled. The thumbs around his throat tightened more. The gun was slipping. His lungs were screaming for air. Every bit of the man’s weight was behind the squeeze. Morgan knew the gun was going. He felt his life draining from him. Then disaster – the SIG fell from his grasp. The grim reality that his last vision on earth was to be the hideous face of a gangland thug flashed through some still-functioning corner of his subconscious.

A surreal euphoria overwhelmed Morgan, taking control of the last moments of his life. Sight and sound were abandoning him. His body became a dead weight under the crushing assault of the bodyguard’s pressure.

The monster saw the transition washing over the face of the dead man in his hands. He’d seen it before – strangulation had been his signature and even though the exhaustion of this particular struggle had taken an equal toll, he had finally prevailed. This guy was done.

With a final, utterly exhausted expulsion of air, he released his grip.

Click here to purchase Hunter by Chris Allen from your preferred ebook retailer

Click here to purchase Hunter from the new Australian Amazon store

Defender: Intrepid Book 1 is also available:



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How to create an international spy agency from scratch

Posted June 26, 2013 by Chris Allen

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Chris Allen‘s book series features an agency called Intrepid, and in this post he discusses how he created the agency from an imagined hybrid international force. 

When I began writing, I knew my creation would inevitably be influenced by actual events that were occurring at the time and my particular take on how that might influence the context of my stories. I started writing drafts of Defender in the extended aftermath of Sept 11, 2001 – a time when I was in high demand professionally and probably needed a creative outlet. I didn’t want the context of my stories to be military in nature, so I steered away from the obvious choice – the UN and intervention forces – and looked more towards the actual criminal activity so often hidden behind idealistic rhetoric and excuses for terror.

Having decided upon that course of action, but still wanting to unite nation-states together in the grand narrative, I opted to have the UN Security Council approach Interpol so as to join those entities in a fictional sense, despite their quite disparate responsibilities in real life. I achieved this through the creation of Intrepid: Interpol’s black-ops Intelligence, Recovery, Protection and Infiltration Division – raised at the behest of the United Nations.



My observations of how these various agencies work is that they can both help and hinder co-operation, often with best efforts frustrated by the corruption of misinformation and bureaucracy (my pet hates). I can draw on my own interactions with agencies as much as observations I’ve made or even stories relayed to me by others, combined with my own experiences in the field. At the core of it all, nothing begins without some form of dialogue. The scene must be set and the operational parameters must be established before the agents embark upon their missions. So, I try to provide the reader with some sense of either the orders process – as in General Davenport tasking his agents (Defender), or the process of defining jurisdictional  boundaries – as in sorting out ‘who will do what when’ type issues before the agents deploy (Hunter).

When the time comes to create each fictional story, I will draw on an overarching real life issue, such as human trafficking in Avenger – war criminals in Hunter – or gunrunning in Defender, and interlace the fictional plot with real experiences in a way that should, hopefully, enhance the adventure for the reader. I guess they call it writing escapist thrillers for realists. I’m not interested in creating the doomsday catastrophe stories where the world is going to end via destruction on a mass scale, nor am I going to target one particular race or faith through my writing. History consistently shows us that the world is a lot more complicated than that.


Read more at the original blog post here. Click on the book titles for more information on Chris Allen‘s books Defender and Hunter.


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Podmentum: Bondcast

Posted December 12, 2012 by Anne

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Author of the Intrepid series Chris Allen joins us at Momentum HQ to talk all things James Bond and Ian Fleming.

From the books to the movies, we talk favourite Bonds, Bond telemovies, villains, torture scenes and Ian Fleming’s predilection for… well, you’ll hear.

Chris also tells us how Fleming influenced his writing, particularly his villain in the latest book in the Intrepid series Hunter.

iTunes link is here for your subscription needs, hint hint.


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James Bond and paper books

Posted December 11, 2012 by Anne

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This picture reminds me so much of Chris Allen. Not just because of his Bond obsession, but that’s a part of it. I swear I’ve seen Chris make this face before.

If you haven’t listened to Chris talk about Bond on the latest Podmentum, what are you waiting for? We’re releasing the Bondcast this week, so catch up now.

Listen and subscribe to Podmentum on iTunes here, so you’ll get each new podcast as soon as it is available.

Here’s Chris signing paper copies of Defender at the launch of Hunter on the weekend.

Print-on-demand formats of both books are available to order now. Or you can just get copies the traditional (Momentum) way, as ebooks.


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Glamour, Humour and Charm: Skyfall review

Posted November 28, 2012 by Chris Allen

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If, like me, you’re an Ian Fleming fan first and a Bond movie fan second, mark my words: you will love SKYFALL.  If however, you prefer the vodka martinis, the cheesy one-liners, or the gadgets and gimmicks of earlier Bond films – the exploding pens, invisible cars and so on– don’t despair. The essential ingredients of the 007 franchise  – glamour, humour, charm –  are still front and centre in the long-awaited 50th anniversary 23rd film directed by Sam Mendes, but they’re present in a way that is much more a reflection of our times and tastes.  The requirement to suspend your disbelief still holds strong and there’s just enough of the old tricks & gadgets to remind you of the rich history behind any Bond film. Besides, I’d be a hypocrite if I decried any story that presents such a perfect balance of gritty realism with a liberal dose of escapism!

I was more engaged by Daniel Craig this time around than I was in his last outing, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, in which I found his Bond surly and arrogant.  For the record, he was incredible in CASINO ROYALE – I saw that film half a dozen times at the cinema.  Back then, Craig convincingly portrayed the raw material that would become the secret agent – the wet-behind-the-ears new boy under immense pressure to prove himself worthy of Double-0 status. A nice parallel given that Craig’s appointment as the new 007 met with a fierce backlash from diehard fans.  Craig had as much to prove as Bond himself. His hunger to prove the detractors wrong was palpable in CASINO ROYALE and in SKYFALL he has very successfully channelled that hunger again.

In his performance, the core elements that drive the man to act so selflessly and under any circumstances on behalf of his country – loyalty, integrity, devotion to duty – are not affected, they’re just there. The relationship between Bond and his boss, M, once again played with such conviction by the inimitable Judi Dench, is an obvious metaphor for everything we have come to expect of the character – the quintessentially tenacious British Bulldog. In his devotion and loyalty to M, the lofty ideal of serving Queen & Country as courageously and unreservedly as 007 does, is presented perfectly in a very intimate and familial way which makes the entire premise utterly believable.  This is underpinned by the majestic yet understated performance of Javier Bardem in the guise of agent-gone-bad, Silva. In fact, Bardem’s opening scene involves an extremely challenging sexually charged situation involving Bond. It was unexpected but brilliantly done and the confidence, reality and humour conveyed by both actors is priceless.

Unlike many of his predecessors, Silva is no megalomaniac.  His motivations and objectives are significantly more clinical, more personal than the Blofeld-Stromberg-Drax variety of the old days and this is what is so engaging. He has been personally wronged, he has suffered intolerably as a result and he is hell bent on revenge at any cost. We’ve all been there, right? More than anything Silva is flawed (obviously), vulnerable (disturbingly so) and damaged (beyond repair). But what makes this film so great is that these traits are equally true of Bond and M. The history and volatility that connects this unlikely threesome – 007, M & Silva – is the centrepiece of the entire narrative and its strength and plausibility is achieved by the outstanding performances of all three.

If you haven’t guessed already, I absolutely loved this movie. This is not the Bond of Connery, or Lazenby, or Moore, Dalton or Brosnan. Daniel Craig has indisputably captured the Bond who clung protectively to Gala Brand under a shower while the tiles blistered and boiling water rained down upon their bodies, as an atom bomb launched just metres away through a blast wall in MOONRAKER, 1955. His Bond is the guy you can imagine, swimming through Caribbean coral at midnight to rescue Solitaire, with spear gun in hand and a limpet mine strapped to his chest, running the gauntlet of sharks and barracuda in pitch darkness only to be dragged down to the edge of death by a murderous octopus in LIVE AND LET DIE, 1954.

As a fan who first discovered Ian Fleming & James Bond as a teenager back in 1977, I feel as though the franchise has finally gone full circle. The earliest films – DR NO, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, GOLDFINGER & THUNDERBALL – all remained reasonably true to the original novels. After that it was pretty much a free-for-all in terms of outlandish plots and spectacular stunts. With Daniel Craig’s entry to the series, CASINO ROYALE began the process of returning us to the raw material, QUANTUM OF SOLACE was a bit try hard, but now SKYFALL has absolutely hit the mark.

In SKYFALL Daniel Craig returns 007 to the world imagined by his creator, his family seat, his history and his heritage.

It is unequivocally the Bond of Ian Fleming.

If you’re a fan of the Bond films or Fleming books, you’ll love the INTREPID series. Click on the book jackets to find out more.



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These Intrepid Covers are Hot

Posted October 18, 2012 by Anne

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Today we have the pleasure of unveiling the covers for the first two books in Chris Allen‘s Intrepid series. Starring the dashing Intrepid agent Alex Morgan – policeman, soldier and spy – Defender will be released on November 1, followed closely by Hunter in December.

Defender: Intrepid 1


Hunter: Intrepid 2


You can pre-order both books by clicking on the links and choosing your favoured retailer. Defender is available for the excellent price of $2.99 and Hunter has a special pre-order price of $4.99 for a limited time.


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Happy 50th, Mr Bond

Posted October 5, 2012 by Chris Allen

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Today is International James Bond Day, which marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the first 007 movie Dr No – making it one of the most successful and longest-running film franchises of all time.

It’s a milestone day for me, too, as I’ve just returned the structural edit of Hunter: Intrepid 2 back to my publisher, Joel Naoum, at Pan Macmillan’s digital imprint, Momentum.

Equally significant is that we are currently in negotiation over the film rights to the Alex Morgan & Intrepid series with a well known and respected American film producer.

As we enter into this new phase of Alex Morgan’s journey it’s interesting to recall that Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, faced these very same milestones and challenges in bringing his character to a wider, international audience when he, too, was an emerging writer of escapist thrillers.

In fact, an early arrangement Fleming made, that would see Casino Royale reach the American market via a television movie, was a disaster. The character was re-written to become an American card-sharp called Jimmy Bond and the production was – to say the least – nothing like what Fleming had envisaged as a vehicle for his hero on his first mission.

The decision to sell the rights to Casino Royale at that time had consequences for the entire Bond franchise that took almost 50 years to resolve. As many of you would be aware, Daniel Craig famously entered the scene as 007 in Casino Royale in 2006 to great acclaim, rebooting the franchise within a more contemporary context.  At one point however, it seemed highly unlikely that the film would ever be included within the long running franchise.

I’m beyond excited to be – in some small way – following in the footsteps of Fleming as I strive to  bring Alex Morgan & Intrepid to a greater audience.

To mark the occasion, here’s a photo of me with my two little Intrepid agents, Morgan and three-week-old Rhett, as I pushed the button on returning Hunter to the publisher today!

Hunter will be released on December 1.

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