Which Starship Enterprise is the best Starship Enterprise?

OK. It’s time to settle this question. This eternal question. This question that has divided nations (of nerds).




Featured in: Star Trek: Enterprise

Why it’s cool: Despite being technologically inferior to the others it was the starship equivalent of a Swiss Army knife.

Why it sucks: Can’t go very fast, crew is annoying.




Featured in: Star Trek the Original Series, Star Trek the Animated Series, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Why it’s cool: It boldly went places. It really did.

Why it sucks: Captained by a megalomaniac, was once taken over by balls of fur.



NCC 1701 (Alternate Timeline)

Featured in: Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness

Why it’s cool: It’s very well-lit and can fly out of a black hole.

Why it sucks: The engineering section is basically an amusement park attraction, looks like a hairdryer.



NCC 1701-A

Featured in: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Why it’s cool: Proved that the Enterprise could live on even if one blew up.

Why it sucks: There must have been something wrong with it because it was retired after only five years in service.



NCC 1701-B

Featured in: Star Trek: Generations

Why it’s cool: Sulu’s daughter was at the helm, one of its test flights resulted in a successful rescue mission.

Why it sucks: Meh. It’s just the Excelsior with a different name. Also has the worst Enterprise captain. Oh, and spoiler alert, everyone thought Kirk died on it. He really didn’t, but everyone thought he did. It’s complicated.



NCC 1701-C

Featured in: Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’

Why it’s cool: Has an awesome captain, makes a noble sacrifice.

Why it sucks: Winds up under the command of the Shooter McGavin.



NCC 1701-D

Featured in: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Generations

Why it’s cool: The most beautiful representation of what a starship should look like. A massive ship of peace, full of families, slowly exploring the galaxy.

Why it sucks: It doesn’t.



NCC 1701-E

Featured in: Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: Nemesis

Why it’s cool: Sleek design, most advanced ship in the fleet.

Why it sucks: Looks like a warship, has dodgy joystick control thing.


enterprisej31NCC 1701-J 

Featured in Star Trek: Enterprise episode ‘Azati Prime’

Why it’s cool: Just look at it! It’s cool and from the future of the future!

Why it sucks: Symptomatic of the over-reliance on gimmicks like time travel that ultimately killed Trek on TV.



The verdict is in, and the best Enterprise is the NCC 1701-D! Call me names in the comments 😉


  • Alex Lloyd

    “It’s very well-lit ” – Mark. Well played.

  • Phil

    Intrepid class kick arse of any other starship.

    Otherwise, C. I mean Shooter McGavin. Come on!

    • Frank Berst

      Could someone please explain to me the massive waves of hate l regularly encounter for Nemesis? I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was very good, with the demise of Data being second only to Spock’s death. I thought it was infinitely better than the limp, flaccid and silly flower children in distress gobbledegook yawn fest that was Insurrection.

  • Geoff Brown

    Galaxy Class NCC-1701-D (with a nod to Galaxy II Class NCC-1701-D)

  • Phil

    Also, I think you missed one…

    The alternate enterprise D from ‘All good things’. Under the command of Admiral William T Riker. The ship has a third nacelle, cloaking ability, a spinal phaser lance, and large phaser cannons on the saucer section

    • Mark Harding

      Good call! Also I think that may be the nerdiest comment ever on this blog 🙂

  • Phil

    Also, the worst is Enterprise-E because Nemesis suck donkey balls. and anything to do with Nemesis should be shunned

    • Mark Harding

      I dunno, the scene where it rams the Reman ship is pretty cool. Plus the very first shot the E from First Contact where it emerges from the nebula is gorgeous. I would say NX-01 is the worst. For obvious reasons.

      • Phil

        True about First Contact, that is an f-ing awesome movie.

        Obvious reasons? OBVIOUS!?! How dare you. I mean come one, grappling hook? phase cannons? hull plating?
        It has everything a starship should have, but somehow slightly less better. And that sir, is awesome. I mean they’re really making do under extreme circumstances.

        • Mark Harding

          Don’t forget they had Hoshi instead of the universal translator. But that was a HUGE problem with Enterprise. There was so much potential to explore how difficult the early days of space exploration would be but they had all the normal equipment, they just called it different things.

          • Wang Yui Chan

            to the contrary, I believe that the Enterprise TV series really portrayed how it would have been like in the early days of space exploration with a paranoia of transporters, and extremely loud engine rooms, it was the best that earth could bring to bare and they were proud of it. as to your regard of having the same things but calling them differently, I believe that it was made obvious in Enterprise that the technology was less efficient and it was shown in a number of scenes. although Enterprise is not my favorite Star Trek series I think that Enterprise did a decent Job at what it set out to do.

  • Jakkie Simpson

    Always the NCC 1701-D

    Although I have been watching the original series again and the 1701 has grown on me immensely. It really went everywhere and could do just about anything. Plus it does score an extra point for the wonderful cheese factor it has.

    • Frank Berst

      You are all completely insane. The D looks like a mutant hybrid offspring of a toad and a crab, squatting to take a shit. It is ridiculously disproportionate and topheavy to the point of absurdity. It is THE ugliest Enterprise BY FAR. Also if the notion of multitudes of….uh….ahem families with little kids on board a starship actually appeals to you, l honestly don’t know what there is on God’s green earth or the heavens above that could possibly help you with your severely compromised mental condition. You might as well be assimilated.

      • Frank Berst

        Having said that, nothing compares to the refit Constitution class. Nothing. And the E is a tremendous, light years better improvement over the hideous D. But the most ghastly of all has to be the pukeworthy Voyager. I mean really my dear God. It looks like a freaking garden slug. With elbows. Ugh.

  • G Bagley

    For me it is the U.S.S Enterprise NCC 1701 plus the refit didn’t mind D though it reminded me of a duck when the saucer section separated lol. Loved the way Scotty in the Voyage Home said that the Excelsior was a bucket of bolts! Or when he was in relics and went to the holodeck and said “show me the bridge of the Enterprise!” then added “no bloody A, B, C or D” but I like the original starship Kirk’s

  • alberto

    I like the 1701-D because it has a fine design and the coolest captain in ST universe. the 1701-J is amazing too .I know we’re talking about Enterprise but in my opinión nothing can beat the romulan Bird of Pray in TNG

  • Kris

    1701-D is by far the worst design in the history of Star Trek. It looks the most CG and the most fake. 1701 E and the 1701 A are the best.

    • CG Artist

      That seems like an odd observation to me – the D wasn’t CG, and if you believe the D looks more fake than the original 1701… well, that I don’t understand either. The hero model of the D was very impressive. (Being honest though, I have to admit it took me a while to warm-up to the D when TNG first began airing.)

  • kmo91120

    uss enterprice 1702 g j z. last one could kill a borg ship in few secons. j would also take down borg ships easly. if they just have made a big ship wit smaller enterprices inside they could esasly kill borg. and over warp 13 ship commanded by commander william riker upgraded to capitan. so if a dead ship could get 1st price it would be the biggest ship in the future who get the 1 dt price. not in the past. all forgotten ships. timetravels would be fun.
    stargate port jumping like babyion 5. since you warp core could damage whole universe they stopped using warp tec.(hope it true in the future star ship enterprice…i know the ship like my buttons an my back(donk clank)… scotty are you o .k ?
    http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/William_T._Riker this link about how commander rikere got to be captitan on uss titan 4 a while

    • Dave Luscombe


  • Anonymous

    I prefer the NCC-1701 refit that made its debut in Star Trek The Motion Picture because it’s the one that gave rise to the technological innovations of the future versions. From Mr Scott’s Guide To The Enterprise book, there were a lot of technological upgrades made to the Enterprise. For example; Increased phaser power by tapping into the ship’s engines, the linear intermix chamber/warp core, the torpedo launcher near the secondary hull, the Jeffries Tube, etc. Despite inconsistencies in the dates given versus the official or most often used chronologies, that was a good book.

  • Trek Nerd

    the article is slightly wrong as the 1701 rebuild featured in TMP,TWOK,TSFS which was destroyed in TSFS and the identical 1701-A was re introduced in the end of TVH
    not the original 1701 from the original series

  • Darren

    I didn’t like the Enterprise E at all. It’s engineering sucks too: the holodeck was constantly malfunctioning and endangering the crew and it depended, every second, on the continuous functioning of active systems (they obviously have forgotten what failsafes are in the 24th century), and one ship of this class even blew up after being infected with a computer virus. As Matt Jeffries, designer of the original (and still best) Enterprise said, they turned the bridge into the lobby of the Hilton. And I’m sorry, Roddenberry was smoking crack when he came up with the idea of putting families and children on a ship that would routinely be sent into harm’s way. That was one of the dumbest ideas in the history of science fiction.

  • mac

    Without doubt the Enterprise D is the best star ship Enterprise design by light years. Fluid integrated design, with the curves blending seamlessly….looks graceful in flight. This is what a designer would hope to produce and a credit to Andrew Probert. The TV series was also the best iteration of the Star Trek genre for me and I have enjoyed them all.

  • Ted C

    “Captained by a megalomaniac” Um. Kirk was not a megalomaniac.
    “Has an awesome captain” How do you know? We hardly saw her on screen.

    Was this article written by a vacuous minded teenager?

  • Rudolf Menon

    Refit Enterprise from the motion picture. It is just right from every angle. And has the best Warp, again Motion Picture warp.

  • MarylandBill

    Honestly, Enterprise D makes no sense. Children on a starship meant to explore the Galaxy? That is not idealism, it is child endangerment. Meanwhile we had a French captain who spoke with a British accent, quoted Shakespeare and drank Earl Grey tea… for goodness sake, why not make him English.

    • Evan Drury

      Hard to believe, but in the future borders of division may not be as they are now. Even accents may change. Children on a ship this size does make sense, especially given the mission length. If you want child endangerment, take them for a drive. #1 killer of children is car rides!

      • Frank Berst

        Yes car rides are much safer for little children than being on a starship surrounded by three D’Deridex class Romulan Warbirds all firing at the same damn time. Yep uh huh.

        • Evan Drury

          FACT: More children have died from car rides than Romulan Warbirds. FACT.

          • Frank Berst

            Yep and in about 400 years give or take that statistic will be reversed when the federation smokes some major form of crack and starts constructing Carnival Cruise vessels in space instead of uh actual uh starships yeah and piling in loads of little children and their wussy parents who wear fanny packs and uh pets and uh toys and uh stuffed animals and uh baby strollers to uh let’s freaking see oh yeah that’s right explore the infinite unknowns and face the tremendous potential dangers of uh oh yeah interstellar space yup uh huh okay right yep great frickin idea lmfao

    • Frank Berst

      Plus Picard sucks lol.

  • telisein

    After all improvised re fits Enterprise D should have been the most powerful ship in the galaxy. Phase cloaking a new shield that allows it to travel into the sun and what about the subspace warp jump. D kicks ass. I cried a little when they shot her down.

  • flash gordon

    TNG rules them all. NCC 1701-D.
    How about the last Star Trek movie, 60s design outside 2015 inside, no imagination whatsoever.

    • Frank Berst

      Yes l agree. TNG rules all. It is soooo much better than any of the other series. Even the inimitable chemistry and indefinable magic of TOS falls like a pile of weathered cards before the stuffy overbearing pontificating greatness of TNG. I became totally obsessed with the relentless politically correct supremacy of TNG until it finally happened. I never saw it coming. I never thought it could – or would – ever happen. And yet, somehow, it did. l discovered something, if one can imagine, even MORE exciting and interesting than TNG. Watching weeds grow out of cracks in concrete. And my life was forever changed. Goodbye Counselor Troi. Hello weeds.

  • Todd Walker

    The Enterprise from The Motion Picture through ST 6 is a beautiful design. It is very balanced and not over textured with windows and deck plates.

    The D’s saucer section is too big (look at the noggin on that thing) and the deflector looks like a lighted vagina (Sorry…just what it reminds me of). I actually don’t mind the side view where these design elements are hidden.

  • C

    You scruffy Nerf herder! Wait wrong series, definitely ,1701-A classic design what it would have been if the TV series had a budget, has its own soul , yours is a good choice but I can’t say the same for the D

  • Nadine Indrani

    If i had to choose one based ONLY on design. It’d obviously be J

  • Dave Luscombe

    Everybody ragging on the Enterprise E, as a lifelong fan of all series (except DS9) I think that by the time they got to First Contact they had finally got everything right, best Captain, best ship, just the whole package. As a fan of TOS it took a lot to like Picard, really didn’t in the first year and thought they would replace him with Riker, but as time went on I was so glad they didn’t. He strikes me as what an actual Captain would be like in the future, a bit older, more sensible. but still able to kick some serious alien (and borg) ass from time to time

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