The best Halloween jack o’lanterns inspired by books

We all know that people love books. But there’s loving books, and then there’s spending hour upon hour with a delicate vibrating knife carving characters and sigils from your favourite book into a vegetable famous for an extremely tough rind and messy pulpy orange centre.

My hat goes off to the book-lovers behind these creations: Halloween Jack O’Lanterns featuring literary characters, illustrations, authors, and book covers!

My favourite is this reproduction of a famous red-figure illustration of Odysseus and a Sphinx.

Red figure pumpkin

But a shout-out also to this Jane Austen fan’s cameo-style pumpkin.


Other classic works of literature enpumpkined:



Ooh and with children’s book illustrations there are so many impressive and charming pumpkins out there … some of them rather failing to be scary. I like the Gruffalo:


But I am also a fan of dancing lit-up Wild Things:

where-the-wild-things-are-pumpkin -e5de5f81f24996be

Horror and SF, perhaps naturally, seem to be the genres that have the most pumpkins carved in their honour. Who is the scariest out of these?

-f05af185df205010 images Clockwork_Orange_by_pumpkinsbylisa

Many pumpkin artists (pumkartists?) have also made good use of popular fiction’s ability to create recognisable sigils and signs:


imgres-4 pumpkins2011 imgres-3 imgres-2

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