Love and Fuck (Off) Poems

Fuck off


Disclaimer: this isn’t about you


Babe, I like you and everything

but I don’t think you care about me

as much as I care about you

so I think maybe you should possibly


f off


Please don’t be offended

I know you’re a nice guy

and you know I’m a good person,

that I have a warm and open heart

But if you don’t think

I’m the best thing since sliced bread


I think it’d be best for both of us if you please


fuck off


Being a single mum is fucking hard!

If you can’t appreciate that

see my bones breaking

underneath the pressure of it all

If you don’t have the overwhelming urge

to be my dustpan and brush

I know this may seem abrupt

but please, fuck off


Even if I wasn’t a single mum

If you don’t adore me

I don’t really see the point

I’m not interested in filling your holes

or you filling mine,

not interested in being anything for you

If you can’t appreciate my person


I can’t be bothered chasing anymore

I’ve got too much to do,

energy I’d rather expend elsewhere

Don’t want to bang my head against a wall anymore

If you are not going to kick down my door to get to me


Fuck off


I’m a busy woman for fuck’s sake

If you are not going to be there for me – FUCK OFF

If you’re not going to cook for me – FUCK OFF

If you’re not going to fix the kitchen cabinet for me – FUCK OFF


Yes, I mean it


Fuck off

Fuck off

Fuck off

Fuck off

Fuck off


I really don’t want to hurt your feelings

I’ve tried to tell you in so many ways

but you just seem to want to stay around me

I’m trying to be as polite as I possibly can

but you don’t seem to understand

so I’m going to be really clear now




I’m not joking


PLEASE, would you just please




You can find more from Koraly in her book Love and Fuck Poems, available now.

1 Comment
  • I’m not quite sure what the poet is saying here. It’s such an ambivalent and understated piece.

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