From the slush pile to the bestseller list: how zombies and rock stars got me a four-book publishing deal

I first heard about Momentum through my writing mentor, Louise Cusack. They were re-publishing her fantasy series “Shadow Through Time”. Then, a few days later, the small digital publisher’s head honcho, Joel Naoum, followed me on twitter. And I’ve got to say, the tweets these people tweeted––they were funny and a bit different. I liked that. Being a newbie writer is a terrifying process. I felt like I was ready to attempt the slush pile, but it was guaranteed I’d make all of the rookie mistakes. Joel, Anne and Mark, however, seemed to have a sense of humour. They weren’t as scary as some. Plus, they had an energy that was very appealing.

Then the day came that they tweeted of their dire need for erotic romance manuscripts. Enough stuffing around, I submitted. Following Anne’s tweets as she read my manuscript was an experience as funny as it was fraught. When I got the offer to publish Flesh from Joel, it was huge, as you’d imagine. Flesh, my post-zombie-apocalypse erotic romance, was kind of a strange book. Finding it the right loving home was a beautiful thing.

So we published Flesh and then Skin together, giving people all the zombie fuelled chaos and carnage with a suitably romantic happy ever after they could want for. Lick, my third book with Momentum, was a step in a different more contemporary direction. It’s about a twenty-one year girl waking up married to a rock star (no, shut up, it happens all the time). In July this year Lick hit the USA Today Best Sellers List. The Stage Dive series, of which Lick is book 1, will be published globally by the Macmillan Trade Group.

Momentum have been no less than awesome to work with and I owe them a huge thanks for all their support over the last year. And the good news is, we still have Book 3 in the Flesh series to come.

You can find Kylie Scott on Twitter, Facebook and her website. You can read Momentum’s take on the publishing deal here.

  • Cathleen Ross

    Congratulations Kylie. I’ve read all three. Addictive. You’re a deal doer as I once said.
    Cathleen Ross

  • Kate Belle Author

    Kylie – a visualisation. My fist to my heart. Respect Girl. xxxx

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