Five Things You Can Expect From Aurora: Pegasus

Aurora: Pegasus – book 2 in the Aurora Series – will be released worldwide on December 1st. To prepare for the onslaught, here’s a ‘heads up’ as to what readers can expect.

1. Aurora: Pegasus is a new mission, but it is a continuation of the Aurora story. Aurora: Darwin was very much the beginning of this saga. It was an introduction to Harris, Carrie, the Aurora team, the UNF, and the things they discovered on Station Darwin (UNFASP). What Aurora: Pegasus does, is take what the reader has learnt in Aurora: Darwin, builds upon it, and even twists it a little . . .

2. Aurora: Pegasus sees all your favourite characters return and introduces a whole bunch more – the Aurora needs some new recruits after all. And of course there are Harris and Carrie’s enemies. Sharley and his Jumbos are back and more terrifying and tormenting than ever . . .

3. Aurora: Pegasus gives readers a chance to explore a little more of the UNF Space Zone. So crack out the UNF Star Map, buckle up, and get ready for the ride . . .

4. Aurora: Pegasus is a mission that forces the characters and their relationships to evolve. Secrets are revealed, allegiances are formed, and cracks begin to show . . .

5. Aurora: Pegasus is darker . . .  Harris and Carrie thought the Darwin Mission was a nightmare, but they‘re about to find out just how bad nightmares can really get . . .

 The team are back. They’re ready.

Are you?

– 1st December 2013 –

Available worldwide – where all good ebooks are sold.


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  • Clinton

    Amanda takes the time to develop plot lines and characters while maintaining the suspense and intrigue. Makes you want to simultaneously rush ahead and yet not miss a word all at the same time.
    A deliciously frustrating read!

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