Cover Reveal: I, Morgana by Felicity Pulman

Evil sorceress, fairy, or goddess of Avalon?

After being schooled in magic by Merlin and promised a kingdom, Morgana is robbed of her birthright and betrayed by everyone she has ever trusted. Risking everything for revenge, Morgana uses her magical arts to trap Merlin, threaten her half-brother King Arthur, and turn away the only man she will ever love. In destroying King Arthur and Camelot, Morgana sets into motion a catastrophe that can only be reversed if she can learn from the past in time to protect our future … and so fulfill an ancient prophecy.

In the tradition of The Mists of Avalon comes a new story of Morgan La Fey, of one of the most enigmatic—and reviled—characters in Arthurian legend.

I, Morgana will be available from 24 June, 2014 where all good ebooks are sold


Pulman_FelicityAbout the author

Felicity Pulman is the award-winning author of numerous novels for children and teenagers, including Ghost Boy, the Shalott trilogy, The Janna Mysteries and A Ring Through Time.  I, Morgana is her first novel for adults, inspired by her early research into Arthurian legend and her journey to the UK and France to ‘walk in the footsteps of Arthur’ before writing the Shalott trilogy. Her interest in crime, fantasy and history (both Australian and European) inspires most of her novels – and often necessitates travelling for research purposes, which is something she loves to do.  She has many years experience talking about researching and writing her novels both in schools and to adults, as well as conducting creative writing workshops in a wide variety of genres. Felicity is married, with two children and five grandchildren, all of whom help to keep her young and techno-savvy – sort of! You can find out more about Felicity on her website and blog: or on Facebook.

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