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In a blog post for The Serious Reader, Chris Allen does some Hollywood casting for the second book in his Intrepid series, Hunter.  

The Cast


Alex O’Loughlin as Alex Morgan: 
Morgan is part-policeman, soldier and spy – the star agent for Interpol’s black-ops division, Intrepid. In Hunter, his second mission, Alex Morgan is bringing down the last of the fugitive Serbian war criminals when he is suddenly re-tasked with tracking the kidnappers of the talented and glamorous Charlotte Rose Fleming (Charlie), a world-famous pianist and daughter of a presiding judge for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). When the action starts, Alex is unstoppable but like the rest of us, he’s not superhuman – he’s resilient, lives by his wits but is prone to deep bouts of melancholy. My current stand-out for Morgan is Alex O’Loughlin who plays Steve McGarrett on Hawaii 5-0: he knows how to play a thinking soldier, and I really like that about him.


Pierce Brosnan as General Davenport: 
The chief of Intrepid, General Davenport is old-school and leads the agents through their missions from his secret headquarters near Scotland Yard in London. Davenport is an old-school gentleman and I think Pierce Brosnan would convey that really well. Brosnan has just turned 60 and carries his age, and the integrity and maturity that comes with it, so well. Given that Davenport is a former decorated SAS officer before becoming an expert in the rules of war and humanitarian law, it would be seamless for an audience to associate Brosnan with an action man past given he is the last actor before Daniel Craig to play James Bond.


Emily Blunt as Charlotte-Rose Fleming (Charlie): 
Internationally renowned classical pianist Charlie is admired like a rock star and adored the world over for her ability to perform technically exemplary works on the piano combined with her unique performative flair. She is tested when she is kidnapped and used as a pawn in the trial of the Serbian war criminals at the ITCY. Emily Blunt is very English but plays an American really well, which is great because Charlie has an American mother and an English father. The important thing for anyone playing Charlie is that she conveys intelligence and resourcefulness – and Emily Blunt has a strong presence on screen while also being vulnerable.


Olivier Martinez as The Wolf:
The Wolf really is a changeable character in Hunter. He’s the main baddie, heir-apparent to his master, Drago, and commits countless atrocities on behalf of the fugitive war criminals who have been in hiding since the Bosnian genocide. The Wolf is a key player whose identity is at the heart of the story. The reason I envision Olivier Martinez to play The Wolf is because he needs to be someone who is really appealing on the surface while also having a very dark side. He is able to flout the law by presenting himself as something other than what he really is.


Rade Šerbedžija as Drago: 
In Hunter, Drago is the last of the Serbian war criminals to be hunted down by Intrepid and brought to account at the ICTY. The real trials of the last remaining fugitives of the war have been happening in the Hague as I wrote and released the book, so it’s relevant and topical – an important element of all my books. Drago is the head of the Zmajevi, The Dragons, and members of this brutal tribe are marked by a tattoo of a dragon on their chest. Drago pulls the strings of his army of loyal henchmen who unquestioningly do his bidding and keep him in control, but he’s not the powerful figure that he once was. I first saw Rade Šerbedžija in The Saint with Val Kilmer and most recently in Taken 2. He is such a strong actor and formed the basis for my descriptions of Drago, because he has a physicality and presence that I absolutely associate with that central character.


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  • “…adored the world over for her ability to perform technically exemplary works on the piano combined with her unique performative flair…” Yes. Absolutely. 🙂

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