BTG on the Intrepid Chris Allen

The magnificently verbose Bradley Trevor Grieve is almost as excited about the release of Chris Allen‘s Intrepid novels in November and December as we are.

“When we served in the Paratroopers together, Chris Allen was always the most suave and entertaining officer in the Regiment: A natural storyteller, equal parts Ian Fleming and Robert Ludlum, but with far better hair and teeth than both. Similarly, his Alex Morgan novels are a thrill a minute, and the aftertaste of blood and gunmetal makes it clear these books are written by a real soldier. DEFENDER is must read for literary action/adventure addicts, and I cannot wait for the release of HUNTER on November 1st.”

Chris, BTG and friend in Sydney this year

BTG kindly sent us a copy of his hilarious new book Curses and Blessings for All Occasions recently, and we can confirm that it is both blessed and occasional.

For more info on Defender or the much anticipated sequel Hunter, click on the book titles!

  • Sarah

    What I would have given to have had a beer with those two in their uniforms… though I suspect I would the one drunk under the table

  • Geoff Brown

    And this looks very interesting!

  • Can’t wait to read Hunter!!

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