Trent Jamieson

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SF writer and Silent Motion Picture Actor, Trent Jamieson should be 109 years old, but is only 41 on account of TEMPORAL RADIATION.

He lives in Brisbane with his wife, Diana, where he wrote the Death Works Trilogy published by Orbit Books. The first, Death Most Definite was released in August 2010, the second, Managing Death, is due for release in December 2010. The third, The Business of Death, was released in September 2011. They’re about Death you know, the Grim Reaper and they’re set in Brisbane.

Trent has also just finished a Steampunkish secondary world fantasy duology for Angry Robot Books. The books, Roil and Night’s Engines are now available. If you like the steam, and the punk, you might like `em.

When not writing, he works at The Avid Reader Bookshop in West End the best indie bookshop in the world (he’s not biased or anything).

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