Nina D’Aleo

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Nina D’Aleo wrote her first book at age seven (a fantasy adventure about a girl named Tina and her flying horse). Due to most of the book being written with a feather dipped in water, no one else has ever read “Tina and White Beauty.” Many more dream worlds and illegible books followed. Nina blames early exposure to Middle-earth and Narnia for her general inability to stick to reality. She also blames her parents. And her brother.

Nina has completed degrees in creative writing and psychology. She currently lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband, George, their two sons, Josef and Daniel, and two cats Mr. Foofy and Gypsy. She spends most of her days playing with toys, saying things like “share,” “play gentle,” and “let’s eat our veggies” and hearing things like “no,” “no way” and “NEVER!”. She is also working on more books including the next book in The Demon War Chronicles series.