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Born in Plymouth, England, in 1968, Geoff Barker joined the UK Marines at age seventeen. After four years as a British Green Beret Commando, he moved to Australia in 1991. Pursuing a career as an actor and personal trainer, he co-authored two best-selling books on exercise and nutrition, and moved into the public eye as ‘Trainer to the Stars’, lecturing, writing articles, and advising many publications and companies on body shaping and health. Later starring in the Australian series of GLADIATORS as Commando, he has also appeared in numerous other TV shows and ad campaigns. In 1997 he met and married Bessie Bardot. He now puts all his time into managing Bessie, and continues to write columns, books and press releases for many companies through his PR agency, Bubble Media.

Books by Geoff Barker


Casting Couch Confidential

Bessie Bardot, Geoff Barker