Momentum is a part of Pan Macmillan Australia, but how is it different?

Pan Macmillan Australia is a traditional print publisher that publishes its titles digitally simultaneous with print. Momentum is a digital-only publisher that publishes most titles in ebook formats only and some titles in print-on-demand format as well. If you’re a teacher or education professional looking for Momentum literary resources please click here. Some other differences:

  • Momentum does not pay advances, but because of the different cost structures involved in digital-only publishing it offers a higher royalty rate than traditional print publishing.
  • All Momentum titles are signed with global digital rights and are distributed internationally. This means they are available via the following platforms: Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBookstore, Google Play, Kobo, Ebooks.com, Booki.sh and many others.
  • Some Momentum titles are also available in print-on-demand format. This means that the book is not printed until someone orders it. This also means that unless a bookstore (or customer) specifically orders that title, Momentum books will not be available in physical bookstores.

What is digital-only publishing?

Momentum publishes books first and foremost as ebooks. Our ability to make your book available to paying customers is not limited by print bookstore shelf space, which means we can accept more diverse titles from our authors, including forms that traditionally do not work in print such as short fiction and long-form journalism. Publishing digitally also means that Momentum can publish books much faster than a traditional publisher.

Why publish with Momentum?

Momentum combines the best of the new digital publishing paradigm and the old traditional publishing model. We offer the same editorial expertise and guidance as a traditional publisher, and innovative, specialised marketing and promotion that aims to promote our books both locally in Australia and globally. Momentum is accessible – we want all of our books to be available in as many global copyright territories possible to as many readers as possible, which means they are priced at a level to achieve maximum sales. A book published by Momentum will never go out of print and will always be available. Momentum is collaborative – we want our authors to share in the success of their books and ensure that the passion they put in is rewarded. Momentum authors have a real opportunity to influence the eventual success of their book – working in conjunction with Momentum’s own specialist marketing team.

How does Momentum protect its authors against piracy?

At Momentum we believe that the most effective way to fight book piracy is to make sure our authors’ books are available globally and at a reasonable price.

Do I need an agent to submit a book to Momentum?


Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

You are welcome to submit a manuscript to us that is also under consideration at other publishers. However, please do not submit simultaneously to Pan Macmillan Australia and Momentum. We would also ask that you let us know immediately if you are offered a contract elsewhere.

Can I submit to Momentum if Pan Macmillan has rejected my manuscript?

Yes, you can submit a manuscript that has been rejected by any publisher, including Pan Macmillan.

Can I submit multiple manuscripts at once?

Yes. However, please send two separate emails, and ensure that you make it clear in the covering letters that you are the author of both submissions. We’d prefer it if you didn’t send more than one book in a series or trilogy.

Will Momentum publish my book into print?

Momentum titles are available primarily as ebooks. However, for some titles we are open to making them available as print-on-demand. The standard Momentum contract also includes the option to publish your book in a traditional print deal with Pan Macmillan Australia if both parties decide it is worth doing.

Does Momentum pay advances?

No. Our author contract is strictly royalty based.

Will my manuscript be edited?

Yes. Momentum’s editorial process is virtually identical to Pan Macmillan Australia and the same rigour and care is taken on every book published.

Will I be charged to publish my book with Momentum?

No. Momentum accepts all production costs associated with editing, marketing and publishing its authors’ books.

Do I have to live in Australia to be published by Momentum?

No. Although Momentum is based in Australia, we are a global publisher with access to all international ebook and print-on-demand markets, as well as an internationally focused marketing team. Previously published Momentum authors hail from Australia, America, Europe and Asia.

I’ve heard your books are available without DRM, is that true?


Yes it is. Some retailers still don’t support selling ebooks without DRM, but unless otherwise specified, all links leading from our site are DRM free. If you have any questions about DRM, please email info@momentumbooks.com.au

Who designed your website?

Our site was designed by the amazing Connor Tomas O’Brien.