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  • How fighting styles have transformed Hollywood

    Posted October 29, 2014 by
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    Author of military-thriller THE SPARTAN Charles Purcell joins us on the blog to talk about fighty-kicky-punchy. Tom Cruise’s turn last year as former MP turned lone wolf Jack Reacher in the movie of the same name was noteworthy for two things. Firstly, Cruise’s embodiment of the Reacher character, a difficult ask considering that Reacher as written by Lee Child is six-foot-five and more than 100 kilograms, requiring some suspension of belief on the part of the audience; and secondly, the...

  • Cover reveal – Trinity: The Koldun Code by Sophie Masson

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    I am in a world deeply strange and strangely deep, a world as different from my old life as it’s possible to be, and it feels completely natural.  An unexpected encounter with a handsome stranger in a Russian wood changes the life of 22-year-old traveler Helen Clement forever, catapulting her into a high-stakes world of passion, danger, and mystery. Tested in ways she could never have imagined, she must keep her own integrity in a world where dark forces threaten...