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  • Up All Night to Get Loki

    Posted November 27, 2014 by
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     Thanks to Marvel’s Thor movies and the resounding success of The Avengers, the Norse gods, or some pop culture variant of them, have become pretty familiar. We know some of them at least: top-dog Odin, the beautiful Frejya, Thor the thunder-wielder and Loki, the trickster. There’s a huge expanded pantheon of course, including Balder the Beautiful, his wife Nanna, Vali, the god of revenge and Yggdrasil, the goddess of life. It’s not uncommon for the immortals to have messed up...

  • The Spell of Winter: Magic in Russia

    Posted November 21, 2014 by
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    Feature image by Des Hanley The frozen wastes of the north and the deep dark woods have been a permanent fixture in the Western imagination, and filtered through fairy tales, folk legends and finally into the modern equivalent: the fantasy novel. Some writers go even further and bring in the frozen wastes of the south (notably Lev Grossman in his The Magicians). They are usually far away, alluded to time and again as unsafe harbours for humanity. Rarely, if ever,...